“Sometimes, it takes a long time for the project department to load a page of the OA system, how to deal with that?”, “What can we do if we want to manage the control flowsand fully utilize the bandwidth resources at the same time?” -----Many customers came to the booth of Ruijie Networks and raise their inquiries.


From July 17th to 20th, 2012, as the sole network solution provider, Ruijie Networks participated in the Eighth Summit Forum of the  National Engineering Construction Industry IT Exhibition sponsored by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management (CACEM) and co-sponsored by the magazine of Construction Enterprise Management. At the exhibition, the booth of Ruijie Networks was extremely popular. The Assurance Solution for Critical Services and the Solution of IT Operation and Maintenance attracted dozens of customers from central government-led enterprises, and from Tianjin, Shandong, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, and Shanghai, who expected further technical visits by Ruijie afterwards.




Seeing Is Believing for Business Assurance


Experts from the Enterprise Department and R&D Institute of Ruijie Networks visited a number of large scale construction enterprises, went further into their information centers, branches, even construction sites to survey practical problems, such as business security, stability and continuity, arising from the promotion and implementation of business systems for engineering construction enterprises. Finally, they delivered the Assurance Solution for Critical Services. The session of “Seeing Is Believing” was especially designed by Ruijie at the conference to allow visitors to experience the solution by themselves. The demonstrations include: 1. EG ensuring bandwidths of critical services and limiting  non-critical applications; 2. Secure VPN connections between headquarter and branches; 3. Monitoring all devices and businesses through IT operation and maintenance; 4. Service flow identification within VPN; 5. Hierarchical user access right management; 6. Intelligent DNS; and 7. Web authentication page adapting to mobile terminals automatically.


In addition, Ruijie Networks made a demo for EasyGate Internet Security Gateway (EG) to our customers a more intuitive look for its functions such as fine-grained flow control. Moreover, Ruijie Networks presented a different IT operation and maintenance solution so as to transform the IT department from a cost center into a value center, ensuring IT management centered on core businesses and combining the IT strategy implementation with the corporate strategy implementation in order to realize the value of the IT department. A lot of visitors were attracted to the booth. They were interested in flow control, critical service assurance, suppression of P2P non-critical services like Thunder, secure VPN connections between headquarters and branches, and multi-egress link load balancing. Among them, 35 visitors from Tianjin, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong and Beijing show obvious cooperation intents and expected further technical exchange.



Developing Key Markets Deeply


In the next decade, urbanization will be the core of China’s economic growth. Construction enterprises are in the golden age for their development without doubt and the IT development will certainly be the booster of management upgrade of construction enterprises and the key to win in the future. The construction industry is also a major focus of Ruijie Networks. So far, Ruijie Networks has served dozens of large-scale construction enterprises that have nationwide influence such as Sichuan Huashi Group, Yunnan Construction and Engineering Group, Sichuan Road Bridge, China Coal First Construction Company Limited and SINOHYDRO Bureau 10 Co., Ltd. From now on, Ruijie Networks will continue to deeply involved in the engineering construction industry and creating the sharpest and speediest network for the development of the enterprises in this industry.