As co-organized by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and PLK Fung Lee Pui Yiu School, the school campus visit was held on 7th July.  This event has attracted many local school teachers and HKACE members from Hong Kong.

Campus Photo of PLK Fung Lee Pui Yiu School

The Computer Room

In this event, Mr. Ian Chung - the IT Officer of Fung Lee Pui Yiu School, has shared his experience for the setup of school campus network and how to facilitate it for e-learning applications.  For example, how to design the 10G network, chassis-based switch with resilience and WiFi network with full campus coverage.  What are the common network issues faced by the school and the corresponding solutions.   In addition, Mr. Chung has also demonstrated how to fully utilize the network resources for the building of space telescope and space theatre for their astronomy club.

PLK Fung Lee Pui Yiu Primary School is one of the renowned primary school in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.  Their campus has deployed Ruijie’s Education Network Solution for fulfilling the ever increasing demands of e-learning.  The rollout of ubiquitous WLAN access for both indoor and outdoor can enable new modes of teaching as classroom instruction becomes mobile, and in some cases moves outside the traditional campus walls.  Their network infrastructure is perfectly fit for the roll out of extra-curricular activities, such as astronomy and innovative robot clubs.