During the 2012 School Technology Leadership and Instructional Innovation Symposium – an education event for all Chinese independent schools in Malaysia, Ruijie have received many positive feedbacks from the event participants, especially giving merits to our strong local team who have demonstrated a variety of campus network solutions. 

Mr. Benjamin Lee (Right) – Ruijie Sales Manager of Malaysia

Ruijie Sales Manager for Malaysian Education Market, Mr. Benjamin Lee, who is also a member of computer society of United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) said, “This event gives us a good chance to demonstrate the total wired and wireless “3-in-1” e-Campus Solution, which perfectly fits for the campus environment of Chinese Schools in Malaysia.  This solution not only enhanced the network accessibility, but also improved the network performance and availability.”  Ruijie 3-in-1 e-Campus Solution includes all its wired, wireless, security products as well as software and has the ability of monitoring all devices by using a unified management platform.
On the other hand, Ruijie Product Manager of Malaysia – Mr. Steven Ong and the staffs from Ruijie’s local partner (Diversified Gateway Berhad, DGB) give the participants intuitive solution demonstrations.   Besides providing solution demo, Steven and his team have also given many professional comments and feedbacks for the questions and enquiries raised from the participants.

Mr. Steven Ong (Right) – Ruijie Product Manager of Malaysia

This event was held from 10 to 11 March, where attracted near 200 principals, teachers and education professionals from the Chinese primary and secondary schools in Malaysia.