Ruijie Networks Partner Conference 2012 was held in Zhuhai between 12th and 14th April. Under the theme of “We are a family”, Ruijie shared of its success in the growth and channel development in 2011 and made a proactive plan on building and expanding the channel in the following year. 

Liu Hongyu,Vice President of Ruijie Networks

Liu Hongyu, vice president of Ruijie, reviewed the collaboration between Ruijie and its partners in 2011. By sharing Ruijie's success stories in serving Tsinghua University, National E-Government external net, Alibaba, and Universiade 2011, Liu Hongyu demonstrated in detail Ruijie's achievements and growth in 2011 in consolidating its position in traditional industries, boosting the share in emerging industries, making headways in cutting-edge technologies and undertaking large project. Liu indicated that Ruijie had maintained rapid growth and fully realized the annual operating target in 2011 with a sales growth rate of 41%. Moreover, according to Liu, Ruijie plans to double its revenue in the next three years, an ambitious goal that reveals the company's focus on maintaining its fast growth. To accomplish this goal and achieve greater success, Ruijie will continue boosting and expanding its innovation capability, expertise, brand awareness and partner channel.

Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks

Liu Zhongdong, president of Ruijie, also highlighted Ruijie's great efforts in channel development in 2011, a year that peaked in terms of the numbers of jointly-launched marketing activities and projects and the number of new partners. In the mean time, Liu Zhongdong pointed out that Ruijie would enhance the partnership with its channels by improving its policy and system and increasing human resource. With respect to the policy, Ruijie will pay more attention to the long-term cooperation; with respect to the system, Ruijie will implement the standards of "three rules and eight points". Furthermore, a multi-level and multi-channel communication system will be established with each partner to form close and effective incorporating partnership.
Chen Yufeng, general manager for channel division of Ruijie, described the new channel policy as “high profit, high return, high reward and many rights” and the utmost common development with partners.
According to reports, the “sales support” put forward at the conference by Ruijie became the primary focus of the participant partners’ attention. It encompassed timely and efficient training, easily accessible technical information and marketing information on all products, tools and guides required for branding activities, various support based on “four unions” and periodical review of the “Market (Client) Co-Building Plan”. Through all-round sale support, partners are able to enhance their understanding of the technologies applied to products and the brand value, and to develop the target markets independently and efficiently. 
As a fast-growing enterprise, Ruijie has strengthened the channel cooperation over the past years. Cooperation has prevailed in the corporate development. On one hand, Ruijie has attracted more and more partners thanks to the encouraging channel policy. On the other hand, Ruijie has continuously exchanged and shared experience and grown together with its partners. There is no doubt that Ruijie will take a greater market share through its consistent effort in channel development.