Recently RG-S6200 -- Ruijie switch for next generation data center and cloud computing is officially adopted by Beijing Xiangyun Cloud Base and will provide cloud computing services for IASS platform of its SMEs.

Cloud computing is at the forefront of international information technology competition after personal computer, the Internet, and the third wave of technological change in the field information technology. Beijing is one of the first cities that promote cloud computing industry as a regional strategy, which is one of Beijing’s key layouts to seize the strategic high ground for the development of new industries. In September 8, 2010, "Beijing ‘Cloud Project’ Action Plan" was published, for the first time, making cloud computing as "a breakthrough in Beijing’s strategic emerging industries", marking that the "Cloud Project" was officially launched.
The "Cloud Project" is an important project in the strategic development of new industries in Beijing. It takes cloud computing as an opportunity to fully optimize and enhance the information technology industry and to make Beijing the cloud computing center in China and the world at large. The "Cloud Project" will give full play to the cloud computing technology and industrial advantages with rational distribution of cloud applications, products, services and infrastructure. Through the implementation of these major projects, market-oriented cloud applications will come into being rapidly, taking the cloud computing application in Beijing as soon as possible to the world level.

Data center is the "production factory" to provide services through network. As the whole world has increasing frequency of cloud computing use, data centers become larger and larger in scale, and the network will become the foundation for data centers and cloud computing. However, traditional network architecture limits the development of current data centers, and traditional network architecture seems to be inadequate in trying to cope with surges in applications, servers, storage, and network traffic. A large number of devices and applications take the space for power and cooling, improving the cost and complexity, and also increasing barriers for forming cloud computing network.

For the problems in domestic data center construction and the cloud trend, Ruijie Networks takes the lead in launching the switch product for next generation data center and cloud computing. It makes integration network, virtualization, non-blocking switching network, and intelligence as the goal for next generation data center, addressing the problems of too many equipment, high cost and traffic surge in traditional network and laying a foundation for cloud computing network. Beijing Xiangyun Cloud Base selects Ruijie RG-S6200 cloud computing switch as the basic network equipment, which represents high recognition to Ruijie Networks in the field of network equipment by experts and peers.

Ruijie Networks RG-S6200 has 32 fixed 10G SFP + optical interfaces, including one expansion slot, which can expand 10 SFP + 10G modules or four 40G modules, and the whole machine can support 48 10G or 32 10G + 4 40G wire speed. The pattern of full 10G, combined with expandable 40G ports, is suitable for the access layer (10G server access) of mega data center, or the convergence or core layer of small and mid-sized data center. It is worth mentioning that RG-S6200-48XS is the first cassette switch that supports 48G wire speed, and also supports the next-generation data center network features.