From August 21 to August 23, the 11th China educational information innovation and development forum, hosted by education information management center of the Ministry of Education and co-organized by Chongqing education commission, was held in Chongqing. The undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Du Zhanyuan, and Chongqing deputy mayor, Wu Gang, attended the opening ceremony and made speeches. More than 800 executives from educational administrative departments and schools, teachers, technical professionals, and industry personnel have participated in the forum. As a industry-leading network solution provider, Ruijie Networks has attended this forum for three consecutive years.  In this forum, Ruijie Networks has share the topic about innovative networks achieve future education. On August 21, Ruijie Networks sponsored a dinner party named "Midsummer Night in the Mountain City" and organized VIPs to visit the pilot project in Shapingba district in Chongqing in the morning on August 23.

11th China Educational Information Innovation and Development Forum

On August 21, Ruijie Networks sponsored a dinner party named "Midsummer Night in the Mountain City". Luo Fangsu (deputy director of education information management center), Liu Xuemin (principal assistant), Dong Jing (deputy director general of the general office), executives of various educational administrative departments, and leaders and teachers from various primary and secondary schools, totally more than 280 persons, were present in the dinner party. On the dinner party, Liu Xuemin proposed a toast and highly affirmed Ruijie Networks' excellent contribution to the educational information development. The dinner party consists of four segments, namely, summer memory, summer dance, summer music, and summer delight. The guests were welcomed with a reminiscent music. The hosts referenced the Summer in a Mountain Pavilion to start the dinner party. Graceful dances, marvelous songs, and exciting lottery draw activity made the dinner party joyful. Guests had great fun in the dinner party. At last, the executives of Ruijie Networks and guests have chanted a chorus, which pushes the dinner party to the high tide.

On August 22, Ruijie Networks presented the innovative network products and solutions on the forum. The presentations about the single-point login on the network layer and application layer, O&M management, identification management, backbone upgrade, network egress, data center, and wireless WAN of the educational WAN have obtained a favorable reception by the experts and customers from general education and vocational high school fields. After the presentations, certain customers exchanged their opinions and experience with Ruijie basic education consultant manager. In additional, various participants experienced the convenience of the innovative networks. The customers show great interests in the 3+N+1 solution and the fourth educational WAN solution after learning the great applications of Ruijie products.

On August 23, the information construction inspection in the Chongqing educational information management center, as a major activity of the 11th China educational information innovation and development forum, attacked more than 80 educational information experts from the Ministry of Education, educational administrative departments, and various schools. The deputy director of education committee in Shapingba district, Sun Peiyun, warmly welcomed the participated experts and academics.

The section chief of educational management information center of the Ministry of Education has affirmed the achievements of the educational information tasks in Shapingba district and placed his hope on promoting the advanced practice experience to countrywide through this visit and inspection. 

The technical personnel from the education information management center in Shapingba district showed the unified wireless network planning in educational WAN, identification network access, identification network access logs, and deployment of wireless account roaming. The technical personnel also demonstrated the network access authentication and application system login on the network integrated with more than 40 applications at once login. The demonstration attacked great attentions of participants and participants practiced by themselves after the conference. In the last section of the conference, the experts and academics were invited to the educational WAN IDC equipment room on the 6th floor of Shapingba education commission. The experts and academics extolled the advanced devices and efficient integrated management mode of the equipment room.

2011 is the start-up year of the "Twelve Five Plan" and is the key year to put the educational reform and development program (2010-2020) into practice. The theme of this is forum is the opportunities and challenges of China's educational information construction in the next 10 years. While briefing the achievements and accumulated experience of China's educational information construction during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", this forum deeply discusses and look into the distance to the current issues and development trends in the next 10 years. Ruijie Networks will continue adhering to the "sensitive to application trends and quickly meeting customer's requirements" philosophy and work towards the "application-leading" development trend. Ruijie Networks will keep engaged in serving the basic education WAN deployment.