On August 30, 2011, the 2011 China IT Service Annual Conference, sponsored by CCID group and hosted by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd, was held in Beijing. The theme of this annual conference is "promoting service innovation for the emerging industry". Majority of the IT industry professionals were invited to discuss China's IT service market development trend and transformation under the new pattern. IT industry professionals share the opinions about China's IT service market development trend as well as the future market development hot spots and opportunities. Meanwhile, the annual conference has announced the "2011 Service Satisfaction Award", which is the most weighty IT service award. Ruijie Networks, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, and other industry-leading companies together won this award.

"Building efficient network platform and ensuring network continuous running" is Ruijie's goal and Ruijie also engages in achieving this goal. With an excellent expert team, senior industry background, industry-leading technical solutions, and network services all over the country, Ruijie provides professional, efficient, and value-added services to customers. At present, Ruijie Service has become a banner service of Ruijie Networks and has gained a good reputation. With years of customer understanding and pursuit of self-service capabilities, Ruijie Networks promotes the industry-leading IT service brand that covers the entire network lifecycle, namely, Better Net. Ruijie Networks also introduces the one-stop IT service solution. Ruijie Networks hopes to achieve the following objectives: customer-oriented service deployment, high-quality and standardized service delivery, scientific system management and supporting, stable and safe network assurance, and service management capability improvement for customers. The Better Net service well supports different customer requirements at different phases during IT network construction. Ruijie Networks fully concentrates to improve service quality, gains the maximum network values, and helps customers enhance the core competitive strength.

The Better Net service has always put user experience first. By providing customer-satisfied services, the Better Net service helps customers save the IT investments and continuously create the maximum values. This award is a high recognition of the industry for the sustained excellent services provided by Ruijie Networks to customers.

With many years of accumulated experience, Ruijie Networks orchestrates the Better Net service. The Better Net service is associated with the IT infrastructure construction, maintenance product line, IT system operation and maintenance product line, IT training product line, and IT management and consulting service product line. The Better Net service accelerates the development of customer services and helps customers to build and maintain a more intelligent, efficient, and intimate network.