Recently the industry leading network device and solution provider Ruijie Networks announced the release of two new switches of the RuiYi product line—RG-S2928G-S Secure Smart Gigabit Access Switch and RG-S5750-28GT-S Secure Smart Gigabit Converged Switch. Aiming to provide brand new technical characteristics and solutions for internet cafés, hotels and other small and medium-sized enterprises owning small and medium-sized networks these two new products are made based on the ideas of network security and easy-to-use-and-manage with features of high performance, extra security, multi-service, easy-to-use that are needed for network development integrated.

An RG-S5750-28GT-S Secure Smart Gigabit Converged Switch has 24 fixed gigabit self-adapting ports, 4 gigabit SFP ports (non-multiplexing, 2.5G stack module supported) and supports Layer 2 and Layer wire speed; it can also provide Layers 2 through 7 smart traffic classification, complete Quality of Service (QoS) assurance and multicast application management feature. The built-in security defense mechanism and capability of user access control can effectively prevent virus spread and network attacks, avoid illegal users’ access to network, ensure legal users’ appropriate use of network resources and carry out flexible security control strategies according to the real network environment to fully ensure the network security, its rational use and performance. It’s worth mentioning that RG-S5750-28GT-S adopts no-fan designing so that it reduces power consumption significantly and chance of mechanical failures as well. Thus there is no noise accompanied when it runs and it’s free from corrosion of condensation and dust damage.

The RG-S5750-28GT-S switch is applicable for network convergence in Internet café, hotel, general education, government, enterprise and other sectors. With gigabit downlink, it provides the accessed users with a high-performance backbone link and meets their needs of expanding information access points and increasing information content. The RG-S5750-28GT-S can be also used as a core switch since its high backplane bandwidth and forwarding of packets at wire speed can absolutely meet small and medium-sized network users’ various application demands.

On the other hand, the RG-S2928G-S Secure Smart Switch, as a gigabit access one, is applicable to commercial systems such as internet café, medical care, enterprise, and hotel and so on. It has 24 fixed gigabit ports, 4 gigabit SFP ports (non multiplexing) and 4 optical interfaces that can be configured as link convergence ports, all of which enable the device to provide a bidirectional 8 Gbps uplink bandwidth.

Ruijie’s product manager said that network resources and information content are increasing significantly, which gives impetus to FTP download, HD video broadcast, HD video conferences, sending and receiving emails with ultra-large attachments and other applications in need of high bandwidth. As a result, 100 Mbps switches can no longer shoulder the burden. Meanwhile, the way of using network with multiple services running at the same time further deepens the conflict between services and devices. The good news is that as the market of gigabit switches gradually grows and becomes more mature, the cost of a gigabit switch has dropped largely. Ruijie Networks follows the trend and releases the gigabit switch product series, enabling the small and medium-sized network users to enjoy the high efficiency and convenience brought by gigabit network with attractive price/performance ratio.