Ruijie Networks has recently released its small and medium-sized network solutions, which consist of the six core solutions, Delicate Internet Café, Successful Hotel, E-Business, Worry-free Hospital, Secured Government and Trouble-free Elementary & Secondary Schools. Devoted to sectors such as hotels, internet cafés, small and medium-sized enterprises, medical industry, local governments, general education and vocational education, etc, the solutions aim to cover small and medium-sized network application and meet SMB clients’ increasing diversified needs. The SMB industry solutions, adopting switch series which is researched and developed independently by Ruijie Networks, create a secured, efficient, stable and easy-to-use network environment for small and medium-sized network users based on scientific network structure, safe and stable hardware as well as intelligent devices and management.

Among the six, the Successful Hotel solution concentrates on enhancing a hotel’s core competitiveness by satisfying each requirement on its network construction from three aspects: brand, grade and profitability; the Delicate Internet Café includes Smart Interaction, which is an award-winning solution in the industry, the first internet café cloud computing solution within the industry and the high-speed and high-efficiency internet café bi-giga solution; the E-Business focuses on solving problems existing within enterprises’ networks such as poor performance of devices, inappropriate architectures, absence of information security protection, difficulty in resource sharing and complexity of management and maintenance; the Worry-free Hospital effectively integrates various medical information platforms to build a unified comprehensive hospital informatization platform; the Trouble-free aims to enhance the value of digitized campuses; and the Secured Government is intended to reach the goal of building up an efficient e-government.

The SMB solutions of Ruijie Networks absorb quite a few innovative technologies, including VSU switch virtualization, CPU protection, TPP network topology protection, RLDP link fault detection and DHCP SNOOPING security features, etc., all of which make network running and troubleshooting smarter and easier. Meanwhile, SMB solutions provide a series of featured functions like bandwidth control, Internet access authentication, behavior management, content auditing, WEB re-direction, ANY IP and so on, so that network utilization efficiency and user experience can be improved. Additionally, the whole network is able to present the network topology in an ocular manner through RG-SNC network management software to make detailed information of devices available for inquiry so that network administrators can access information of network architecture and devices at ease and their operating capability can be improved.

With the release of SMB solutions, Ruijie Networks’ advantage in the field of small and medium-sized networks keeps on growing greater. For the past many years, it has focused on industry markets, integrated technologies with applications and offered customers in various sectors customized professional network solutions. These solutions are widely applied in governments, finance, education, medical care, enterprises, operators and other markets and thus have won an impressive market share. This time, Ruijie Networks deploys in small and medium-sized networks with the advanced technologies that are generally deployed in high-end fields. In so doing, it expects to not only solve the application problems of small and medium-sized network users, but also maximize their network value with sustainable innovative products and technologies.