On August 23, the 12-day Shenzhen Universiade lowered its curtain and the Chinese college student athletes well topped the medals table with 145 medals and they also topped the gold medal list with a record 75. In addition to the athletes' preeminent strength, the venues of this Universiade also impressed people very much. All the hardware facilities of the venues successfully fulfilled their missions. Notably, the main stadium Shenzhen Bay Sports Center has become another landmark of Shenzhen. However, few people have noticed the "Soft Power" behind the brilliance of the hardware facilities.

During the 12 days of the Universiade, all the soft facilities ran stably and the computer network platform, in particular, maintained its high efficiency and free access all the time with zero failures. Then who is it that was guaranteeing the stability and security of the entire Universiade network? Since the Universiade has come to an end, let's explore the secret of this "Champion" behind the screen.

The "Champion" Behind the Screen of the Universiade Computer Network Platform With Zero Failure is a National Brand

As modern high-tech develops and comprehensive games become larger and larger, the information service system that serves comprehensive games is becoming more and more important with each passing day. A stable communication and information system is the "soft facility" basis that guarantees the smooth going of large sports events and the computer network platform just functions as the "bloodline" that connects all the IT devices and IT software systems. If the "bloodline" is blocked, the whole "soft facility" system will become paralyzed. Maybe someone will say setting up a network is just like connecting electric wires to supply power. But that is not the case. We must ensure that an overall network for large sports events is secure and stable for 7x24 successive hours and must have adequate bandwidth and performance. Therefore, setting up such a network is a difficult and complicated job.

In the past, such network construction for international comprehensive sports events had often been monopolized by some foreign network solution providers. But this time the whole network solution provider for the Universiade events was a national brand. In order to ensure the security of the network and the smooth going of the Universiade events, the Shenzhen Universiade Organizing Committee made strict screening over the whole network solution providers and after many rounds of strict comparisons, tests and reviews, they finally fixed their eyes upon a national brand Ruijie Networks. Hence Ruijie Networks stood out from the crowd relying on its leading product technology, advanced network design and high quality products independently researched and developed and became the exclusive provider of the whole network solution for Shenzhen Universiade events. A person in charge of a related department of Ruijie Networks said that Ruijie Networks had provided all-round network service which included consultation service, project design, product provision, project implementation, after service and on-going event support. The Universiade Organizing Committee, after many rounds of solution demonstration and survey analysis, finally chose Ruijie Networks as the Universiade basic network solution provider because they had trust in this national brand which had accumulated abundant experience in major games network construction over years and they highly appreciated Ruijie Networks' technical strength.

The new generation Internet IPv6 technology was completely introduced into and the Ipv4/v6 dual-stack technical solution was adopted by the Shenzhen Universiade information basic network created by Ruijie Networks, which was also the first network of large sports events to apply IPv6 technology in China. As was disclosed by people concerned from the Technology Department of Ruijie Networks, the Shenzhen Universiade GAMES Network, the ADMIN Network and the medium INTER Network (I Network) all adopted a full range of network products and solutions that Ruijie Networks had independently researched and developed. These networks covered 41 competition venues, 13 non-competition venues and 7 core convergence device buildings, which scattered in every district of Shenzhen. Moreover, Ruijie Networks provided IT expert support service solutions according to the practical situation and customer needs to guarantee the security and stable operation of the network with professional on-site operation and maintenance service. Ruijie Networks' stable products and professional service were highly thought of by the Universiade Organizing Committee and departments concerned. The outstanding performance of the national brand is enough for Ruijie Networks to win the title of the "Champion" behind the screen in this Universiade.

"Keeping on Practicing in the Dog Days of Summer", the Operation and Maintenance Support Team Has Extraordinary Performance

During the Universiade, the network kept on running securely, stably and smoothly for 7x24 hours. That was closely associated with the operation and maintenance service that Ruijie Networks provided. For the site of this Universiade, Ruijie Networks organized a highly-skilled service team which was on call every hour of 7x24 hours. They were at all times inspecting the critical links of the network in every venue and went all out to guarantee the secure and stable operation of the Universiade network.

Ruijie Networks established a contingency plan specially for the Universiade computer network platform, based on its experience in supporting networks of large sports events, such as Beijing Olympics and Guangzhou Asian Games, and in light of all the problems that Ruijie Networks had found in its regular operation and maintenance of the Universiade network. The Operation and Maintenance Support Team tested every engineer of the team by technical rehearsal and simulating all kinds of accidents to see whether they can react correctly. Ruijie Networks Team kept on optimizing the contingency plan after many technical rehearsals to finally ensure that on-site engineers react skillfully in the real time of competitions. We learnt from the on-duty engineer Mr Zhang that the maintenance task during a competition was very hard, whose content was mostly supporting every system. As there were many systems, it was difficult to tell which system would go wrong. Therefore, network support was indispensable. As Mr Zhang said, it was dog days of summer, the weather of Shenzhen was humid and sweltering, the clothes he wore were never dry and the sun was beating down. All of this made maintenance work very hard. Often Mr Zhang hurried from venue to venue with the sun beating down on his head and the transportation tool for him was his legs most of the time. When most people were watching wonderful competitions, Mr. Zhang and his teammates, without any complaint, were hurrying as soon as possible to the site where they were needed. With this "Elite Squad" of