"Starting from here, it leads to different splendidness; starting from RIIL, we harvest unique resplendence. RIIL has a promising future!" -- Luo Qiong

The 26th Universiade was held as scheduled from August 12 to 23, 2011 in Shenzhen, China. We had the luck to be part of this event in its Technology Operating Center (TOC) for AG network monitoring, fault notification and facilitating troubleshooting.

What is TOC? TOC's primary responsibility is to support the communications and information technology team in the stadium in order to ensure safe and stable operation of technology systems, provide overall management and coordination of all related communications equipment, personnel and services, processes, and its services include management and monitoring of communications and network system, all application systems, and information security, as well as technology support, on-site expert support, and Helpdesk management to the non-competition venues (such as MOC, MDC, PC factory, and ILAB) which are under the control of the IT division. 


This is TOC, and the TOC team from Ruijie Networks. We worked with each other for more than 100 days and nights there. We enjoyed the days very much, but also had to work very hard. We worked overnight for so many times, and could not be with our family on so many weekends. Here we supported each other, collaborated in our work, and contributed our part to the Universiade.

It was dull for us being in our dormitory or TOC only. We had to get up while others were still in sweet dreams. 4:45 in the morning, we had to leave for TOC. The air in Shenzhen was nice. Wearing earphones, we listened to some relaxing music and enjoyed the beautiful mornings with clean air to relax ourselves for a long day of dull and tough work. 


The last thing we needed to do after we arrived at TOC was system patrol, and RIIL-BMC system operation check to make sure the system alarms of last night are normal, and to change the shit with our colleagues. After all these, I started AG network monitoring, and switched to different views, and checked all slightest changes carefully. When the RIIL-BMC system gave an alarm, I needed to confirm with our colleagues at the venues right away, to inform the venue manager about the failures, and to help them find out the reasons for timely troubleshooting through the information displayed on RIIL-BMC. A whole day of tough work was started like that, day after day. The entire TOC team even did not have time to hail the gold medal winners, or our great country because any little negligence might lead to problems of the proceeding of the games. Till 11 pm after changed shift with night shift colleagues, we carried our exhausted body, muddleheaded mind back to the dormitory and could grab some rest finally.

After so many days’ hard work, we could eventually see the dawn as all on-duty colleagues in the QQ group cheered for the end of the game, waiting to move back all equipment. The task was fulfilled, and we could not find the word to describe how happy we were. It was with great relief and pride. All these fulfillments came from not only me, but also our company, our products, and more, our good cooperation and hard work.