International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUAP) was established in Brussels Belgium in 1992. IUAP represents the highest international organization for academic communication and cooperation in physics, and the most authoritative union for physicians. Its members are national and regional physic academic organizations. As of 1996, the 22nd conference gathered 47 organizational members, including China, one of its important members. 

ICRC, held once every two years, is the world's highest standard international conference of cosmic rays, celestial particles, and solar physics. ICRC 2011 was organized by High Energy Physics Institution of China Academy of Science from August 11 to 18, 2011 at Pullman Hotel. This is the first time ever that the international conference came to China.

With great influence, the conference in China gathered together more than 1,000 well known physicians, and generated huge internet access demand during its sessions. Given the mobility of conference attendees, the only way to network access is WIFI.

Such a huge number of users using wireless network in a centralized closed environment (60 m long, 25 m wide) indicates mounting challenges for the environment design and deployment. In face of the difficulties, the Computer Center of High Energy Institution selected Ruijie Networks with comprehensive considerations to provided wireless technology support for this conference.

After receiving the demand, Ruijie dispatched Quan Xizhe and Liu Haoqi for after-sale services, supporting Han Xiaokun of the Government Industry Department for network design and construction of actual environment. Within just one day, the wireless network environment consisting 16 AP, two AC, two POE was completed.

During the conference, the number of users reached 320 at rush hour while the wireless network access speed remained stable, delivering comfortable experiences to all users. The customer was satisfied with our wireless products and services, as proved by their commendatory letter and promises to adopt Ruijie integrated solutions for wireless campus network project later.

It has been proved that real considerations for customers, solutions to their real problems, outperforming products, and tailored services are ways out.