On July 25, the fourth National Information Security Contest for College Students concluded successfully at National University of Defense Technology (NUDT). It represents the highest level of academic competition nationwide in the disciplines of information security. As an information security laboratory solutions provider, Ruijie was deeply involved in this contest, and exclusively provided for the competition a work verification platform, including cloud attack-defense experimental platform CVM, firewall, intrusion detection systems and other information security devices for smooth proceeding of the event. 

 The CVM platform adopted in this contest is the cloud virtual experiment platform, RG-CVM1000, developed by Ruijie for lab security, experimental platform for application environments. It targets primarily university network engineering, industrial application environment generation in information security labs, information security lab environment, and courseware design among other functions. During the finals, dozens of colleagues who came to visit Ruijie Networks Experience Zone recognized Ruijie’s information security laboratory solutions, and they believe that a real network and security environment will better meet the needs of practice teaching, and the independent experimental design features provided by the cloud platform highlights the solution. In addition, Mr. Shen Changxiang, Director of Information Security Education and Steering Committee under the Ministry of Education and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, together with leaders from NUDT, spoke highly of Ruijie's contribution to this contest while visiting Ruijie Networks Experience Zone.

RG-CVM1000 can support complex and diverse experiment environments to meet the need of network attack defense, and the demand of information security experiment on the basic environment; it has many built-in network attack defense experiments and can work with firewalls, IDS and other security equipment for experiments to simulate the real industry network environment; it can quickly build a lab environment, and recover the experimental environment rapidly and efficiently after the experiment to improve teaching efficiency and simplify the management of information security lab; it also supports environment generator, application generator, experimental design features, enabling users to set up a teaching environment and generate corresponding experimental courseware according to the teaching demand, thus combining the experiments of network engineering, information security and industry applications; reliable out-of-band management and image transmission ensures that network attacks, information security and other experiments will not affect the experiment management; follow-up expansion can support information security packets, industry application environment packet and many other courseware.

RG-CVM1000 features ten Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, eight Ethernet ports for independent experiments simultaneously, one console port, and one MGT out-of-band management port. The use of advanced high-performance multi-core processors and high speed memory with large capacity ensures that products meet performance requirements. One LCD screen and two USB ports are configured, so the device operation and configuration information can be saved by the rich hardware configuration. CVM adopts Ruijie cloud virtual experiment platform. Unique virtualization technology enables the device to best play the hardware performance, and can support for a variety of information security and application system environment.  Ruijie provides universities and colleges, vocational institutes, and network engineering labs with multi-user solutions that are with high performance, easy to use, and rich in experiment expansions.

RG-CVM experiment packet of information security is an important expansion component of RG-CVM1000 as it contains cryptography, PKI, information hiding, vulnerability scanning, software firewall, software IDS, system security, computer viruses, disaster recovery, security auditing, and security programming among other information experiment content. Through the expansion of the experiment packet components, CVM and LIMP can add the experiment content of the above types, and by page B/S, perform unified access and management.