Following a dedicated involvement in the network construction for 2008 Beijing Olympic venues, the ADMIN private network construction for 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, the AGIS computer network platform consulting and design as well as the Games assurance services, Ruijie Networks again shoulders important missions during the 26th Universiade to be held in Shenzhen. As a network partner for the 26th Universiade, Ruijie Networks will present comprehensive network solutions for the event from consulting services to program design, project implementation and operational maintenance. With innovative solutions, Ruijie Networks will build the event into the best digitalized and network-/information-based Universiade in history.



The 26th Universiade will be held on 12-23 August in Shenzhen, a city in the frontline of China’s reform and opening up. This Universiade will be of unprecedentedly large scale, either in the number of participating countries/players or in competition items. It is said that the comprehensive solutions provided by Ruijie Networks for the Universiade will cover the whole process of the event. Ruijie Networks’ self-developed network product series will be widely used in not only the main data center (MDC) and the standby data center (SDC) for GAMES (games results net) and ADMIN (games commanding net), but also in all the 58 competition and non-competition venues of the Universiade. Ruijie Networks adopts the IPv4/IPv6 dual stacking technology in all network solutions it provides for the Universiade. It is the first IPv6 technology-based network in China for large events.


Furthermore, Ruijie Networks also provides professional consulting services for the overall architectural design of Universiade’s ADMIN and GAMES: including the integration of different venues, of different applications, and between applications and IPv6. It also provides support in data traffic analysis and overall network architectural design, by carrying out customized analysis on the data traffic of each venue to ensure that network facilities are properly allocated and that the Universiade will be a successful and cost effective event. Currently, network platforms for the Universiade have all been completed. Ruijie Networks will also provide assurance services during the Universiade to ensure security and stability of the network concerned.