In cooperation with universities and colleges nationwide, Ruijie Network University has developed practical and effective network technology curriculum aiming to train top “bi-professional” teachers (referring to a qualified teacher with professional qualification in another specific field, e.g., a teacher & engineer), carry out vocational certification and practice training for students, improve students’ practicing ability, and thus help to foster IT professionals for the country. The value of building Ruijie Network University includes:

First, to replace network related courses with more tailored ones that better meet customers’ needs
1. The curriculum is based on an HR demand survey conducted among 500 industrial customers and 400 system integrators.
2. The objectives and orientations of our training courses are clear and accurate.

3. Our courses emphasize hands-on ability. Proportion of experiment class hour to theory class hour is 1:1.
4. The problem of low occupancy of labs is addressed.

Second, to help our partner schools to train top “bi-professional” teachers and enhance teachers’ practical teaching skills
1. The faculty of Ruijie Network University is composed of network engineers with years of front-line experience, both in network engineering and in education fields.
2. Our courses are designed to meet demands of both enterprises and the industry, and able to help participants to update their knowledge to an international level.
3. After the training, the participants will become teachers with bi-professional experience in both engineering and teaching fields, who are able to better serve the society and foster competitive network engineers.
4. Our training courses are highly comprehensive, including switching, router, wireless, security, Ipv6, storage and other fields, and focused not only on technical theory but also on practice, for example, networking configuration and network debugging. They are given in a sequence of simple ones followed by more difficult ones for the purpose of easier understanding and better continuity. The contents of all training courses are in conformity with international standards in order to ensure good openness and compatibility.

Third, to provide students with certification exams at favorable prices

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