Recently, Ruijie has ranked among 55 enterpriseson the 2011 list of Chinese Model Enterprises in Technology Innovation jointly announced by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Finance.


The identification of the first group of Chinese model enterprises in technology innovation is aimed to accelerate and optimize the construction of the technology innovation system in which enterprises play the leading role, markets act as the orientation and production, study and research are integrated and encourage industrial enterprises to deploy technology innovation, improve their core competitiveness and accelerate the transformation of their economic development pattern. It is reported that the identification of the 55 Chinese model enterprises in technology innovation not only recognizes their technological innovation achievements, but also is helpful for the future gathering of talents, capital and scientific and technological advances into these enterprises. Therefore the identification plays an important role in encouraging and promoting the creativity of Chinese enterprises.


As one of China’s innovative enterprises, Ruijie has constantly adhered to the philosophy of “technology innovation and integrated application” - persisting in investing about 8% of its sales revenue into technology innovation to maintain its edge in the enterprise application market. In 2010, Ruijie invested 200 million yuan in R&D, and ranked among the top 50 high-tech and fast growth enterprises.


With its investment and breakthroughs in technology innovation, currently Ruijie has become a leading market player in network, telecom, terminal and video information industries, being a leading brand, in each sector and at the same time it has initiatively explored in cloud computing, the Internet of Things and the integration of telecommunications network, cable TV network and the Internet, which provides new impetus for our future development.