Recently, Ruijie University was invited to Hong Kong for RCNAI training at Hong Kong's largest training institutions UNiSOFT IT and established IT service provider in Hong Kong, Automated Systems Holdings (ASL). The training lasted for 14 days. After a rigorous review, a total of 7 teachers were granted RCNAI instructor certificates, which means UNiSOFT IT and ASL are able to conduct training courses with qualified instructors, and can officially launch in Hong Kong comprehensive Ruijie certification RCNA training. Students participating in Ruijie certification training can receive the most professional training in UNiSOFT IT, and after the learning is completed, they can take the certification exam in ASL.

The smooth delivery of teacher training not only began the Ruijie certification in Hong Kong, but also takes Ruijie certification process international. One of Ruijie’s goals for recent years is to establish a convenient certification training channel. It is learned that in addition to Hong Kong and Macao, in the international market, Ruijie also has further market expansion plans coming out for certification. With international certification, innovative training model, we believe that Ruijie certification will have a brighter future!

A glimpse of the training scene