Industry-leading network solutions provider, Ruijie Networks, announced today that it will launch the national exhibition about campus network "12th-five-year-plan" workshops with the theme of "service-orientation, future-proof" from March 31 to the end of May. The exhibition will tour across 25 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Dalian, Xi'an, and Wuhan. Many exciting presentations and activities will also be introduced, which will be a revolution in information technology education, and campus network.

With the launch of the "12th-five-year plan", education information is facing new important opportunities for development, but also enormous challenges. On the one hand, "the national long-term development plan for education reform" for the first time includes education information into the overall national development strategy, so the importance of information technology in education is elevated to unprecedented heights; on the other hand, education Information is facing pressure on reform of mechanism and system, talent development, resource development and utilization and continuous funding support. How to effectively promote universities to reform institutional mechanisms, how to support the overall development strategy and to provide protection, how to make information the core competitiveness of higher education institutions need to be addressed by people in charge of education information.

To this end, Ruijie began to consider how to improve the "marginal effect" of campus network on the education information network infrastructure level, and highlight the value of innovative campus networks. With a deep understanding of future campus network construction, Ruijie proposed the "cloud campus network" idea, so that these problems can be solved. Ruijie Networks defined cloud campus network from three aspects. First, the cloud campus network is a platform to serve the overall development strategy, and scientific research of universities, and a support platform to network infrastructure and public service; second, the cloud campus network is a on-demand service delivery and use of information model; third, cloud campus network is an environment for universal access, unified switching, virtualization, and pan load, and it is also a credible, green, and low-carbon information service environment.

Deputy General Manager of Education Industry Department Liu Funeng said: "Cloud campus network has four important characteristics, namely, service-oriented, pan-load-contained, reliable and green. The exhibition tour by Ruijie is designed to promote the idea and concept of cloud campus network, the integration and sharing of network resources in the information planning and construction of campus infrastructure. The on-demand delivery and on-demand use of cloud services model can reduce the construction and maintenance costs, improve resource utilization and the efficiency of on-line business to better serve teachers and students, as well as universities' business and development strategies, thus enhancing and demonstrating the value of the campus network.

Now the first national tour of this exhibition is successfully concluded in Beijing and has caused a strong reaction in the industry. Ruijie's concept and the corresponding solutions about cloud campus network have also been recognized by industry experts. Zhongshan University Network and Information Technology Center Director Guo Qingshun said: "Network Center is an important component of the university's public service system, serving the education, teaching and scientific research and management sector. Therefore, our work performance, and core value lie in service, and service is our lifeline." It is reported that in the following cities of this tour event, there will be more experts and scholars to participate in the discussion about cloud campus network.