2010 (Fourth) Mobile Internet Seminar hosted by China Mobile took place in Beijing International Conference on December 13, 2010, with the theme of "Ubiquitous Networks, Omnipotent Services". This Seminar gathered representatives of the industry chain and focused on discussing technologies, applications, and development trends in the field of Mobile Internet. Su Jinsheng (General Engineer of the Ministry of the Industry and Information Technology), Wu Hequan (the Member and Secretary-General of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Wang Jianzhou (Chairman of the Board of China Mobile), and Li Zhengmao (Vice President of China Mobile) were among the present.

As the only WLAN equipment vendor invited by China Mobile, Ruijie Networks attended a subforum of this Seminar—WLAN Contributing to Mobile Internet. This subforum focused on the following topics: WLAN networking technology, development of WLAN standards, integration with cellular wireless networks, authentication and operation, and service provisioning. As the first speaker, Zhou Hao, Operator Dept of Ruijie Networks, delivered an excellent speech on the WLAN Network Equipment and Key Networking Problems. In the speech, he expounded the development trend of Wi-Fi in the process of mobile Internet development and provided views and solutions of Ruijie Networks to Wi-Fi networking problems encountered by China Mobile. His speech received good comments from the planning departments, network departments, and research institutes of provincial companies of China Mobile.

Afterwards, representatives from Intel, Communication Research Institute of China Mobile, France Telecom, Ericsson, and Broadcom delivered speeches.
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