2010 China Health Information Technology Conference hosted by China Health Information Association was held in Xiamen, December 7-9, with more than 1000 health information workers from provinces, cities, and counties across the country present. The Conference invited famous experts and scholars from the Ministry of Health of the PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, and America to deliver theme reports and subforum reports. The experts exchanged views on important topics such as state-run hospital reforms, electronic medical records, comprehensive health information management and information sharing, citizen health archives and regional health informatization, and distance healthcare and distance education. This Conference will play a positive role in promoting healthy development of China's health informatization.

Wang Longde, president of China Health Information Association and former vice minister of the Ministry of Health, noted in the theme report entitled "Promoting Healthy Development of Health Informatization by Grasping Opportunities and Facing up to Challenges" that great progress had been made in China's health informatization in recent years while problems also existed, such as lack of overall planning and unified information standards, insufficient support by health informatization to services, imbalanced development, and lagging behind of relevant laws and regulations. The new medical reforms brought an unprecedented opportunity for health informatization construction. The state invested 2.7 billion yuan in health informatization construction and would raise this figure to nearly 10 billion in 2011. All localities should promote healthy development of China's health informatization under the framework of the 12th Five-year Plan for Informatization by grasping opportunities and facing up to challenges in favorable policy environments. During the "12th Five-year Plan", according to the requirements for deepening healthcare system reforms and based on strengthening information standardization and construction of the public service information platform, we will vigorously promote the national health informatization strategy construction with the electronic health archives and electronic medical records at its core and with the five service regulatory systems of public healthcare, medical services, healthcare guarantee, basic medicine system, and comprehensive health management in focus.

As a leading network equipment and solution supplier in the industry, Ruijie Networks positively participates in healthcare informatization construction. During the Conference, Ruijie Networks demonstrated its network solution for regional health information platforms, solution for basic networks in hospitals, storage disaster tolerance network solution for the hospital information system (HIS), wireless network solution, and solution for key service health O&M center to the healthcare information technology experts.