Lately, Ruijie Networks announced that it will provide Universiade 2011 with an overall network security solution, including consulting services, program design, product provision, project implementation, after-sales services, and guarantee during the sport event. The solution covers the whole process of the Universiade program network construction, laying an efficient and stable network foundation for a "Digital Universiade".


The 26th Universiade will be held in August 2011 in Shenzhen, China. Over ten thousand athletes from more than 180 countries are expected to be gathered together for this large scale event. In terms of the number of participating countries, athletes or events, Universiade 2011 will be the largest ever. Meanwhile, as an important supplier of Universiade information platform, Ruijie Networks said it will build Universiade Shenzhen the best informationized one ever.


It is reported that the main data center (MDC) and standby data center (SDC) of Universiade GAMES network and ADMIN network, and all 58 competition and non-competition venues will use self-developed network products of Ruijie Networks. Ruijie Networks will build the entire Universiade network using IPv4/v6 dual stack technology, and the Universiade network will be the first large-scale sport event network using IPv6 technology in China.


Being part of the network construction for a world-class event once again proves the leading strength of Ruijie Networks. Ruijie Networks Government Industry General Manager Hu Peng said: "We feel very proud to be capable of building the Universiade network. And we see it as an opportunity to give back to our country and society as a Chinese national manufacturer. Our most experienced engineers will be entrusted with this project to ensure security and stability of the Universiade network.


It is reported that before the Universiade, Ruijie Networks has already served the Beijing Olympic Games and the Asian Games in Guangzhou in network construction projects. Ruijie is making great efforts to shoulder more social responsibilities and national missions.