On September 9, 2010, the Ninth NetworkWorld Conference was held in Beijing under the theme of "Experience the World of Internet". Worldwide technical experts from the IT industry gathered together and exchanged views on technology hot spots in the current network innovation. As a leading network equipment and solutions provider, Ruijie was invited to the conference and shared with the present experts the development trend of the new generation of network.

As the Internet in nothing new in today's world, the Ethernet achieved a worldwide success with simple, standard and open characteristics. More and more applications are coming in the network, and human are more dependent on networks as the network begins to carry on everything. With the blowing growth of network applications, fixed network operation and maintenance personnel have to face ever-growing network size, more complex network applications, and more and more device types.

In face of increasingly complex network, Ruijie Product Director Yang Hongfei believes that the future network must be simple, and intelligent. Simple network can make network management easier and improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance; and intelligent features can meet future expansion needs.

RGOS is a new generation of Ruijie modular operating system which is designed for secure Internet design and can support multiple platforms with modularized, secure, open properties, which can help users to build an efficient, available, intelligent network. A variety of devices based on unified platform make the network more complete. Currently, RGOS has received over 150 patents technical support in data forwarding, security and stability, multi-service expansion, network management, hardware and software interaction, and other fields.

Meanwhile, Ruijie’s unique VSU virtualization technology simplifies the network core from "multiple" to "one" while realizing disruption-free synchronous communications, and simplifying operation and management, and improving network stability, and predicting delay. After the whole network virtualization, it can significantly reduce the difficulty of network management, thus improving management efficiency.

In terms of intelligence, with years of research and development experience of IP network infrastructures, combined with the virtualization and network integration trends, Ruijie will build a Real-time Intelligent Infrastructure Library (RIIL). The platform is linked to global network security management solutions, business and health management solutions, IT operation and maintenance process management, and network traffic analysis and control solutions to effectively reduce management difficulties in complex IT environments, so that limited IT operation and maintenance staff and IT budget can be put into the most critical resource maintenance and security efforts to improve the operation and service quality of critical systems and enhance customer satisfaction.

As the network continues to develop, Ruijie will be not only a single product provider, but an expert company that provides overall industry solutions that integrate industry application needs. Since its inception in 2000, Ruijie has always been committed to the business philosophy of independent research and development, continuous innovation. By providing innovative products, technologies and services, Ruijie helps its customers improve the network value.