Recently, Ruijie Networks won the bid for the 2010 China Mobile centralized switch purchasing program, and has initially signed with China Mobile Group the "2010 L2 switches and low-end L3 switches centralized supply framework agreement". This centralized purchasing includes equipment and devices for various kinds of application situations, thus it is demanding on equipment types and functionality. Among them, L2 switches cover 16 typical configuration types and low-end L3 switches include 12 stereo types. And Ruijie is one of the few suppliers that can provide all the corresponding products. What is more, Ruijie tailored solutions for all the application scenarios in this centralized purchasing to meet the demand of China Mobile for the overall operation network construction.

The bid evaluation was divided into two phases. In the first phase evaluation on product technology, comprehensive strength, and post-occupancy evaluation, Ruijie was one of the top three bidders. It proves that Ruijie has gained an impressive reputation among China Mobile and companies from different provinces in technology, overall power and post-occupancy evaluation after more than two years’ hard working and strong efforts. From 2009 to date, Ruijie switches and routers have been applied by China Mobile in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Chongqing, Liaoning, Henan, Tianjin, and Guizhou. And Ruijie also has a good record of timely delivery of stable equipment, and standard after sale services, routing inspection, and technology training.

After ten years’ application experience, Ruijie switches and routers have become more stable, and Ruijie Networks has also accumulated strong power from that. Meanwhile, Ruijie has always committed to the philosophy of independent R&D and has a good control over product cost. Therefore, in the second phase of reverse auction, Ruijie had large advantages in the bidding price.
When serving China Mobile, Ruijie Networks has been growing and becoming the leading provider of data communication equipment in China’s mobile market.