On July 23, Zhang Xinhong, the deputy director of the Informatization Research Department of the State Information Center, and his party, accompanied by Liu Zhongdong (general manager of Ruijie Networks), Zeng Zhi (deputy general manager), and Hu Pengju (general manager of Government and Carrier Business Division), visited Beijing Operation Center of Ruijie Networks.

Zhang Xinhong praised the contributions of Ruijie Networks to the informatization of China, and said that domestic companies played an important role in the informatization process of China. Moreover, Chinese companies are more trustworthy in national information security protection. Zhang Xinhong also encouraged Ruijie Networks to maintain its innovation momentum, not only in terms of technologies, but also in terms of corporate culture, service, and marketing.

Liu Zhongdong said that Ruijie Networks could not achieve such a fast development over the past decade without the support of the government, and that Ruijie networks would maintain the innovation momentum to achieve the goal of building a world class Chinese brand.