Ruijie Networks, an industry-leading network equipment and solution provider, won the bid in the network engineering project in the World Medical Books Building. The building locates at the place where the east 2nd ring road and the Panjiayuan Road met, facing the scenic Longtanhu Park. It was put into use in October 2008. The floor area of the building is 79,200 square meters. The building comprises three parts: Beijing Shiyi Tianlun Royal Hotel, International Conference Center, and a publishing house office building. The structures of the building and the required applications are complex. A network in such a building demands superb security and availability with no detail overlooked.

Ruijie Networks understands the customer’s needs and picks up the RG-S8606 high-end core switch, RG-S5750 aggregate switch, RG-S2628G access switch, and RG-WALL 1600T firewall to build the network architecture. In the solution, Ruijie Networks uses two core switches working in high-availability mode. If one switch goes down, the other one can still guarantee the network operation. The network also provides fast, secure, and advanced 802.11n wireless access. The network delivers superior NAT capabilities and solve the performance bottlenecks on the outbound devices and support network output logs for security events audit. The secure and intelligent access switch of Ruijie Networks can guard against attacks such as ARP spoofing and DOS attacks.

The sound and customized network solution finally won the bid to provide a secure and reliable platform for the services of the entire building and for more in the future.