On March 16, 2010, Ruijie Networks, an industry-leading network equipment and solution provider, launched its first 2-gig link-aggregation green switch: RG-S1824GT-EA. This product adopts the new gigabit architecture and green technologies, and are idea for gigabit networking solutions in Internet cafes, enterprise broadband networks, and networks for hotels.

Network applications are increasingly diverse and specific, and the demands for network bandwidth are soaring. Therefore, the gigabit RG-S1824GT-EA switch is the best choice. It uses 19-inch steel rack and can operate stably in harsh environments. Meanwhile, it provides 48Gbps of backboard and 22 fixed 10/100/1000Base-T adaptive Ethernet ports, which accommodate heavy-traffic and high-speed switching. The remarkable hardware of the switch delivers super-speed transmission for customers.

Most all-gigabit access devices do not have sufficient uplink bandwidth; however, the RG-S1824GT-EA switch provides double-uplink aggregation. The two aggregate ports (APs) provide bidirectional 4G upstream bandwidth, doubling the bandwidth of the main link and improving the network speed. When one aggregate port goes down, the system automatically allocate the traffic on the faulty port to the other one, thus improving network availability.

The switch uses the green technologies of Ruijie Networks and can reduce greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption. The ports automatically transition to sleeping mode when not connected and to working mode when connected. The ports can tune the power output according to the length of the cables and thus reduce energy consumption. The switch does not use fans, thus reducing noises. The dust buildup on devices using free convection cooling is slower than that on devices using forced convection cooling (such as fans). This design brings better dust-proofing and makes the devices more endurable and easier to maintain.

Ruijie Networks has always been committed to the building of resource-conserving society and delivered green products. All materials are environmentally friendly and all products are RoHS5 certified. Meanwhile, according to the requirements in China Administration on Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products, the package of every product contains a Contents of Toxic or Hazardous Substances or Elements. This green product is a result of the Innovative Network Value concept. It provides high-speed transmission experience and makes a contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction and environment protection.