On the afternoon of August 3, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and People's Government of Guizhou Province, China - ASEAN Education Minister Roundtable Conference was held in Huaxi Guest House in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. This is the highest level of international conferences, under the framework China - ASEAN (10 +1) cooperation in the field of education in the recent year. Minister of Education Yuan Guiren pointed out that China is willing to take education as the link to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries, create a common sense, to promote regional development and to jointly make contributions to build a harmonious and prosperous Asia and the world.

Chinese Minister of Education Yuan Guiren presiding at the opening ceremony and visiting the Ruijie booth

Yuan Guiren introduced the achievements of China's educational development to the Minister of Education from the 10 ASEAN countries attending the meeting. He said that China is a developing country with 1.3 billion people and has a long history and traditions of respecting teachers and valuing education. After the founding of New China 60 years ago, particularly the reform and opening up in the past 30 years, we created a road of socialist education development with Chinese characteristics and built the world largest education systems with 260 million students in school, and realized the transition from a populous nation to a power of abundant human. However, we must clearly see that the Chinese education can not fully meet the economic and social development and the people’s demand for a good education, which is the major contradictions and challenges facing Chinese education and also is an important entry point for the development of China's education reform.

 Minister of Education Yuan Guiren and Deputy Minister of Education Hao Ping visited the booth of Ruijie and listened with interest to the introduction from Dong Xinyu, General Manager of International Business Presentation, and fully affirmed the rapid development and the efforts and contributions made by Ruijie in the education informationization.

Chinese Minister of Education Yuan Guiren fully affirmed on the development of Ruijie Networks.