Recently Ruijie Networks wins the tender of network reconstruction and expansion for Shandong China Construction Bank(Shanghai CCB), and becomes the first choice for the core reconstruction project in its secondary branches.

Shangdong CCB branch has occupied a dominate position in Shandong financial industry all the time. In recent years, with the business transformation that is closer to the customer goes on, Shandong CCB grows by leaps and bounds. But as new marketing-based business continues to carry out, its network gradually is unable to support the long-term business development needs. To address this issue, Shandong CCB plans to reconstruct and expand the networks in its 15 subsidiary branches.

In the context of the financial crisis, the focus of reconstruction and expansion in the Shandong CCB networks is on aspects such as support capability for the business, availability and protection on investment, expansion flexibility, easy maintenance, and so on. Addressing the reconstruction, user adopts access networks mode of Level-2 backbone network and Level-3 network. As the core routing and switching equipments in the subsidiary branches, products from Ruijie Networks became the focus in the networking reconstruction and expansion, through a rigorous selection and testing. Ruijie Networks solution which is customized for the Shandong CCB, selected the RG-RSR50E routers and S8600 series core switches as the backbone routing and switching equipment in the secondary branches. Technologies such as VCPU (virtual CPU ), dual-engine, rapid routing convergence, XFlow express forwarding and LLQ ensures the continuous management of the critical business. Meanwhile using RG-S8610 switch and RG-S2951XG switch, Ruijie Networks reconstructed the network at the provincial end and built a safe fast-office network, perfectly meeting the needs of the Construction Bank.

The major reasons Shandong ABC has once again selected Ruijie Networks lie in two aspects: stable commercial deployments and ripe applications from Ruijie Networks in provincial branch offices and outlets of Shandong CCB, and the technical support and services recognized by Customers

Over the course of the last ten years, Ruijie Networks has evolved into one of the world class industry leaders in the data communication field with its world class cutting edge technology, product and performance. It is reported that Ruijie Networks is the only home-made supplier in the selection project for CCB network.