2010 Expo will be held in Shanghai, China, which will be in the spotlight, making Shanghai a truly international exchange center. The Expo will not only bring vitality and opportunities but also new challenges to the oriental Pearl. It is one of the most important tasks faced by various financial institutions to provide excellent services for the Expo. Shanghai Agricultural Bank of China (Shanghai ABC), as one of the most widely distributed banks in Shanghai, Shanghai ABC has launched a network reconstruction project for the 2010 Expo.

Shanghai ABC now has 24 branches and more than 400 business outlets. The number of business the outlets accounts for 30% of that of all the city's bank outlets. 400 business outlets constructed a huge network of services. The reconstruction of the network will remove the old equipment to optimize the outlet networks, and build boutique outlets and off-line network, improving the reliability, fast service and customer experience. 

The newly added boutique outlets and off-line self-service outlets have higher requirements on the smooth flow, security and manageability of the network. In this regard, through several rounds of tests and multi-party verification, Shanghai ABC finally selected products and solutions from domestic well-known network equipment providers Ruijie Networks. The selected products are new-generation routing switching integrated router RSR20 series and the access layer switch RG-S20 series. The new generation of distributed routing switching integrated router has a high stability, ensuring the effective operation of critical business and uninterrupted business forwarding. A wealth of security mechanisms can well protect the security of the network business. dedicated routing strategies and streaming technology make full use of bandwidth, and ensure high network availability. The equipments that support comprehensive network management provide necessary conditions for Shanghai ABC to improve network management and remote management, as well as to reduce maintenance costs. By the choice of Ruijie Networks, Shanghai ABC experienced the excellent product quality and high-quality 7 * 24 hour service.

The network reconstruction has been completed, and more than 400 information sites in the outlets of Shanghai ABC formed a speedy, secure stable, and uninterrupted network, which also provides sustainable financial services for the Expo and lays a solid foundation for the future business and development of Shanghai ABC.