Constructed by Ruijie Networks, the backbone transmission network for Dalian City e-government Out Net was officially launched recently. It is learned that the opening ceremony was held in the newly completed City Hall Data Center, Dalian on December 29, 2008. Dai Yulin, vice mayor of Dalian and member of Municipal Party Standing Committee, directed the new City Hall data center opening ceremony, and launched the backbone transmission network for Dalian City e-government Out Net. Up to now, this backbone networks has been functioning very well and serving the e-government for more than one month.

E-government in Dalian city begins very early and becomes one of the models in China today. The entire construction project of e-government out nets will be completed in two years, when more than 80% of government functions will be online, and 50% of services will be handled online. It will become demonstration projects of chief extranet applications, serving people online conveniently.

After research on out nets of the national and provincial e-government and some successful applications of e-government out nets in major cities home and abroad, Ruijie Networks developed a satisfactory solution combined with unique feature of the Home Affairs office in Dalian. The entire network adopts the three-tier architecture; user’s access area is divided into four different regions, namely: Internet zone, Intranet zone, the Chief District resource sharing zone and exchange visits zone. The four inter-regional zones can not make exchange visits to each other, and it can achieve "horizontal access controlled; vertical visits isolated"; core and aggregation switches are based on the 100G platform core routing switches. Performance and bandwidth of the entire out net of e-government can meet and guarantee the future applications and expansion for a certain period of time. Also the entire out net of e-government support IPv6, ensuring the smooth transition to the IPv6 protocol stack when the IPv6 technology develops to a certain stage. This fully shows the advantage of the solution in a technical view.

Relevant responsible persons of the city government website pointed out that the out net construction of e-government in Dalian City is a centralized and unified Extranet network platform and application platform for the city's Administrative. It has the various features such as standard unity, perfect functions, stable system, safety, reliability, and vertical and horizontal interoperability. For the vertical direction, it can uplink to the out net of the national and provincial government and downlink to networks of district areas and forerunner areas; for the horizontal direction, it can be connected to the networks of all the city level administrative government. To be simple, it will unify al the existing websites of all level city/district government departments into an out net platform for the government affairs.

After the completion of Dalian City e-government out net, it will be able to contribute effectively to the networks interconnection and resources sharing of the government affairs, providing a unified e-government networks and resource sharing platform for the city. It will also support the social management and social services for government sector at all level (cities, districts, counties, forerunner areas). The e-government services will be extended to the township (town, street) and village (community), so that e-government services will benefit all and the "digital gap" will be eliminated or narrowed. With the construction and application of out net of e-government in Dalian City, the city will be able to standardize the e-government network construction practices, and avoid duplication, error-building, ahead of the construction of the occurrence and other such phenomena.