Recently, Ruijie Networks RG-S8600 series switches won "2008 Annual Editor's Choice Award for information products in Healthcare industry" issued by the healthcare journals "e health".

It is learned that this selection is based on "investigation on healthcare information applications" organized by the "e health" magazine. Because of the excellent performance in the healthcare industry for the recent years, Ruijie Networks RG-S8600 Series switches are able to win this award. Many hospitals, such as Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Guangzhou Zhujiang Hospital, Hebei Province People's Hospital, Zhengzhou, People's Hospital, Liaoning Province, Chinese medicine hospital and many other top hospitals in China, set up industry-leading 10G hospital networks with a core of this product. RG-S8600 series switches have been appreciated by all the customers by its virtue of superior stability, reliability and security.