"NBR” is very well known in the Internet bar industry. It is the router family that Ruijie Networks developed when focusing on the Internet bar market in 2004. Once it emerges, it is known as "a dedicated egress router to the heart of Internet bar owners resulting from dedicated research, professional design and patented technologies". After 5 years' growth, NBR takes the lead in the industry thanks to the nationally patented ARP attack prevention technology, the game acceleration technology tailed to the Internet bars and the third generation of bandwidth control technology. It has more than 10,000 users throughout China.

The NBR router family for Internet bars now includes 5 members, which are NBR3000, NBR2500, NBR2000, NBR1200G and NBR1200. They are suitable for small and medium-sized Internet bars, large-sized Internet bars and high-end Internet bars, fully meeting the access requirements of different types of networks.

The three products, NBR3000, NBR2500 and NBR2000, are the gigabit core security routers that Ruijie Networks specially built for medium and large-sized Internet bars. In the Internet bars, up to 2000, 1000 and 500 computers can be attached to them respectively and all of them use powerful dedicated 64-bit network processors.

NBR3000 can be referred to as the first powerful and highly secure flagship Internet bar router with multiple egresses that boasts gigabit speed for both internal and external networks. It has DDRII 512M memory (64-bit), 3 fixed gigabit Ethernet WAN interfaces (2 of which support optical-electric multiplex), 5 gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces, and one Console configuration interface. NBR2000 is the first gigabit Internet bar router in the industry when it comes into being.

It is invariably equipped with one gigabit and one 100M Ethernet WAN interfaces, one gigabit Ethernet LAN interface, and one Console configuration interface. It supports up to 500 thousand NAT concurrent sessions with super large capacity. NBR2500 is the upgraded version of NBR2000. The number of its gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces increases to 5, and its WAN interfaces are upgraded to one gigabit and two 100M interfaces.

All of these three high-end products of NBR boast gigabit hardware architecture, the most powerful packet forwarding capability in the industry, and the outstanding built-in firewall. It also offers extremely powerful anti-virus and attack prevention capability, and a variety of internal network security features and intelligent bandwidth management functions. Through the user-friendly Web management and monitoring interface and the patented device linkage management, it provides the best egress solution for large-sized Internet bars to build high-speed, secure, stable, intelligent and easy-to-manage gigabit networks.

NBR1200G and NBR1200 are the carrier-class broadband routers that Ruijie Networks launches for small and medium-sized Internet bars that have multiple egresses. They are respectively suitable for the small and medium-sized Internet bars with less than 300 and 200 computers. Both products employ the network processors especially for high-performance communication of the RISC architecture. NBR1200 is invariably equipped with 2 100M Ethernet WAN interfaces and 1 standalone optical module expansion slot. On this basis, an optical-electric multiplex WAN interface is added to NBR1200G. Port diversification further satisfies access requirements of Internet bars and dramatically improves the application scalability.

In terms of functions, these two middle and low-end products of NBR further enhance the security features to enable normal operation of Internet bars, including thorough ARP spoofing attack prevention, outstanding attack prevention capability and leading machine dog prevention ability. It also makes it convenient to manage Internet bars by using intelligent features, such as reasonable distribution/line redundancy of ISP lines, game acceleration, flexible bandwidth and other advanced functions. These two products also enable management and monitoring through the full Web interface, considerably reducing the technical difficulty of network management for Internet bars.

Pan Zhihua, the NBR Product Manager with Ruijie Networks, said," Ruijie Networks possesses leading technologies and rich experience thanks to its many years' effort in the network equipment market. We will migrate these cutting-edge technologies to the Internet bar market, so as to provide powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective professional network devices for Internet bar owners and help them to build super Internet bars!"