On April 19, Shunqing Guo, director of Sun Yat-sen university network and information center, paid a visit to operation center of Ruijie Networks in Beijing. During his visit, In-depth exchanges on the development of RIIL business managing and monitoring system are carried out.

With the accompany of Mr. Zhongdong liu, President of Ruijie Networks, Mr. Fu-Neng Liu, deputy manager of the education industry, and Mr. Jun Tan, general manager of the software product line manager, Mr. Shunqing Guo visited the office area, exhibition area and laboratory, and later held discussions.

Sun Yat-sen University is one of top ten universities in China, and its level of informational construction has been in a leading position nationwide.

Mr. Guo and Ruijie networks made in-depth exchanges on the Ruijie Networks RIIL business managing and monitoring system. After hearing a detailed report from Mr. Tan, Mr. Guo was in agreement on the direction of Ruijie Networks product development. He said that would generate a practical significance to schools, helping them to grasp on the critical business and normal operation, and helping to the evaluation on the return of IT investment in schools. At present the IT hardware and software assets in Sun Yat-sen University exceeds more than billion RMB, some issues have always been concerns of Networking and information center, like whether can the effectiveness of IT investments be seen or not, and how to express its value in universities.

Sun Yat-sen University and Ruijie Networks have maintained a good cooperation all the time. Ruijie Networks has participated in a numerous projects during the Informational construction of the university technology in the past. Mr. Guo said that through this visit he has a better understanding on Ruijie Networks’ concept ”close to users” and the strength of technological innovation.