Recently, construction of the “Key Laboratory of Space” networks at the Center for Space Science and Applied Research’s(CSSAR)was initiated. Ruijie Network’s new Global Security Network (GSN) was chosen to be used in this project due to its strength in network security.

CSSAR is the Chinese Academy of Science’s core research institute. Currently, they focus on the manned space flight project, the Earth and Space Twin-Satellite Cooperation Project, Moon probe project, and multiple Applicatory Satellite Projects and related supporting systems, as well as fundamental spatial physics research. Established laboratories include “State Key Laboratory of Space Weather” and “National Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory”.

As an innovative supplier, Ruijie Network’s brand new Global Security Network (GSN) will greatly increase the level of security in networks, ensuring the safety of classified information such as spatial data, and will be used in this project. Due to the heavy data-load demand of the Key Laboratory of Space, and considering future developments, the high performance network structure of routing “1G to Desktop, 10G to Core” was employed. The Ruijie Networks RG-8600 series super-high-density multi-service core routing switches is designed to satisfy the current 10G demand of the client, and will also satisfy the 100G demand in future expansions.

After completion, the network will become the pinnacle of network platform performance, stability, and security in all the key laboratories in CSSAR, and will greatly enhance the research capabilities of key national projects.