Recently Ruijie networks exclusively win the bid of education MAN project in Chongming County, Shanghai, which is the largest MAN project in Shanghai this year, using advanced 10G ring network technology to build the MAN backbone.

As application requirements increase, the existing network structure of Shanghai Chongming County Education MAN can not meet the growing population of PC networking and network applications requirements. Especially in the large flow carrying long-distance video teaching, video conferencing and other hand, the performance is far from good.

In order to improve the performance of network, Chongming County adopted the ring network solution, which is a common networking mode for users to ensure the high reliability in the backbone core. The solution uses five RG-S8600 series high-end Routing switch to constitute the backbone ring in the ring mode. In this ring network mode, network structure is clear and can reasonably dispatch the network traffic within Education Network, so that core network can carry a large number of video data streams effectively to ensure the smooth running of numerous internal teaching applications in the education network. At the same time the scalability of network structure is significantly enhanced.

Meanwhile, the MAN interconnection adopts rented bare optical fiber mode, which makes the education network free from the limitation in the past private network operators MPLS networks, effectively resolve the prior difficult-to-extend and difficult-to-manage issues.