·        Max 2.4Gbps with concurrent dual-band Design

·        Max 1024 Client

·        Built-in Smart Directional Antenna

·        Outstanding Environmental Adaptability (IP68, -40-65°C, Surge Protection upto 9kV)

·        Hybrid Management: support standalone AP to over thousands of APs with deployment options of appliances, private cloud or public cloud service



      Easy to use mount-kit (included)


Application Scenario:  Enterprise and Campus

For enterprise office and campus with single or multiple sites and high-density AP deployment, Ruijie RG-WS6000 Series Wireless Controllers (on-premises) plus cloud management (optional) is recommended.


For more information about the Ruijie RG-AP680(CD) Wireless Outdoor AP, please visit https://www.ruijienetworks.com/solutions/wifi6/


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