Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, one of the 3 largest airports in China, served about 70 million passengers in 2018. In order to offer passengers excellent Wi-Fi experience, Ruijie engineers helped the Airport to optimize the previous wireless network system, and keeps providing maintenance training to the IT team.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport


As one of the three largest airports in China, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (referred as the Airport) ranked Top 3 in 2016 Asia-Pacific Best Airports assessment. In 2018, the Airport served 69.74 million passengers in total, reaching the 13th in the world. In June 2019, the Airport offered wireless access to over 20,000 passengers daily and over 500,000 passengers monthly.


To offer excellent Wi-Fi service experience to passengers, the Airport works with Ruijie service team to optimize the wireless network. Ruijie adopted professional WLAN optimization methods to test and optimize over 900 indoor APs in the Terminal 1.


Scenario-oriented Network Optimization Solution

Ruijie engineers surveyed the Airport on-site multiple times and went deep into the business application scenarios, such as the departure floor, security check point, and shopping area, and then mapped the wireless AP and signal distribution and created the network optimization plan. It eliminates wireless dead spots and improves the Airport wireless network coverage, data processing capability, and bandwidth speed.

For example, more APs are needed to ensure signal coverage if shops are removed, seats are added, airport plan is changed, large restaurants are added, or other changes occur. In addition, AP signal transmission power needs to be tuned if the large power leads to sticky roaming in some areas such as the departure lobby, east-west wing corridor, and airside concourse.




Intelligent Network Inspection Tools



Airport Network inspection optimized by Ruijie self-developed WIS wireless intelligent system supports viewing interference, signal strength, network stability, network security level, optimal signal channel, and other data. WIS also integrates many specialized wireless tools, such as roaming testing, ping, device scan.


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In this way, WIS provides one-stop delivery and acceptance check tools as well as standard and professional wireless deployment acceptance solutions. As a result, the acceptance check period for network delivery is reduced from the expected 6 days to the actual 3 days.


Standardized Maintenance Documents and Training


After the project was accepted, Ruijie service team sorted out a set of Airport network maintenance documents, such as Terminal 1 wireless network point position map and table, to support the maintenance personnel of the Airport. Meanwhile, Ruijie service team provided the maintenance personnel of the Airport with professional wireless network technical training, including wireless architecture principles and routine maintenance of airport terminals, airport network principles and troubleshooting, and other courses.


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