Result of the tender for the first batch of Wi-Fi devices for high-speed trains by China Railway Gecent Technology Co., Ltd. (CRGT) in 2019 was recently released, with Ruijie Networks winning the bid with its well-regarded technology and holistic solutions. In 2018, Ruijie had won the bid with the largest share for the first batch of Wi-Fi devices for high-speed trains, which involved 81 Fuxing bullet trains. Following that, Ruijie has been honing its innovative ability in scenario-oriented solution development. This innovative ability in solutions, together with its rich experience in Wi-Fi construction in transportation sectors, assists continuously in delivering stable and high-speed Wi-Fi services for high-speed trains.

Fuxing Bullet Trains with Wi-Fi Bring Whole New Travel Experience
Fuxing bullet trains well represent the intelligence of manufacturing in China and create a magnificent scenery line across China with a top speed at 350 kph, demonstrating the Chinese speed to the world. The well-received riding comfort, especially with the onboard Wi-Fi service, significantly improves passengers' travel experience along the journey.

With Ruijie's support of mobile Internet operation solutions for high-speed trains, passengers can enjoy more intimate onboard services and rich choices of recreational activities, including but not limited to: Wi-Fi connection, leisure and entertainment, news and information, online food ordering, featured e-commerce, connecting trips, and smart retailing. Apart from the above, CRGT can also achieve business expansion, data mining, and refined travel services based on Wi-Fi data.

Mobile Operation Solution for High-speed Trains, Building Excellent Wireless Experience Onboard
Ensuring Wi-Fi experience on high-speed trains at a top speed of 350 kph is not an easy thing. Ruijie's mobile Internet operation solution for high-speed trains digs deep into various scenarios of high-speed train operation and aligns to the passenger needs. The solution adopts a distributed heterogeneous multi-network convergence train-ground communication technology. When passengers access the Internet, the central server will conduct audit, security control, application recognition, and traffic limitation based on the data received. Moreover, Ruijie has a powerful technical team and nation-wide service network in place for assurance for the continuous advancement of Wi-Fi product solutions and stable operation.

Since its proprietary development of Wi-Fi products for high-speed trains in 2014, Ruijie has been updating and improving its network requirements on high-speed trains, stations, and ground operation centers, laying a solid service foundation for future intelligent transportation that features higher speed and greater convenience.

Through a decade of rapid development, high-speed trains have been one of the top commuting means by people in China. High-speed trains and network jointly drive China's rapid economic development, with former acting as the "artery" and the latter as the "nervous system".

As a leading brand in data communication solutions in China, Ruijie has been serving the transportation industry including high-speed trains, metros, civil aviation, and expressways, etc. Under the background of "big transportation", Ruijie has been contributing immensely to the implementation of intelligent transportation in China with its technical innovations.