On May 30th, Ruijie Networks signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan University of Technology (WUT). The two parties will consolidate their wealth of resources and establish deep-seated strategic partnership to explore a new model for the integration of vocational education with industry, as well as the promotion of informatization.

▲ Signing Ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation

Kang Canhua, Vice President of Wuhan University of Technology (left) and Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks (right)

Today, colleges and universities are taking initiative to discover new models for teaching and expect to achieve deep integration between information technology and education through reforms in teaching practices, to gain more effective improvement in the quality of undergraduate education.

At the signing ceremony, Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks, mentioned, “Ruijie is always focusing on how to effectively incorporate information technology into education and teaching, and how to make IT better serve the education industry. We will try our best to support the institutes of higher education in the reform of their teaching practices, cooperating with Wuhan University of Technology to create and provide cutting-edge technologies, best design concepts, products and teams. With the concept of ‘Easily-Converged’, Ruijie has developed its Smart Classroom solutions for teaching and enabled deep convergence of teaching space, information technology and education and teaching.”

▲ Ruijie Smart Classroom Concept

Kang Canhua, Vice President of Wuhan University of Technology addressed in his speech, “Today, China’s higher education is at its crucial moment in accelerating the modernization process. Moreover, informatization of education and teaching has become our new mission bestowed by this new era. That’s exactly why our school attaches great importance to the informatization and adopts several advancement measures, which have gained great achievements so far. For this strategic cooperation, on the one hand, we share Ruijie’ idea of development and acknowledge Ruijie’s capabilities in research and development; on the other hand, we’d like to take this opportunity to create a win-win situation and accelerate deep integration between school’s informatization and education and teaching so that both sides can draw on each other’s strengths.”

This strategic cooperation will further advance the cooperation between both sides from every aspect, including the informatization of education and teaching, talent cultivation, scientific research, resource sharing and so on. No doubt it will exert a profound influence on the development of both sides. Both Ruijie and WUT will seize this opportunity to further innovate the forms of cooperation, enrich cooperation content, improve cooperation mechanism, promote mutual understanding, implement cooperation plans and expand communications. All these efforts will advance the development of both enterprises and schools for a mutually beneficial and win-win outcome.

Today, more and more institutes of higher education are adopting Ruijie’s Smart Classroom solutions with a total coverage of over 100 colleges and universities, including Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Chengdu Normal University, Dalian University of Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, Guangxi University etc., in which you can always see teachers and students teaching and learning in Smart Classrooms.