The Higher Education Expo China (HEEC), sponsored by China Association of Higher Education, was held in Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center from May 26 to 28. The HEEC is the largest and the most authoritative national-level expo with a long history amongst the higher education industry. The expo showcased over ten thousand pieces of high-tech equipment in the scope of educational and scientific research, engaging more than 40,000 professionals from colleges, universities and enterprises across the country, and presenting the dominant trend of China’s current higher education development.

As a company that has been focused on education for 19 years, Ruijie Networks attended this fair and presented its portfolios, including the Smart Classroom, Cloud Desktop and Laboratory Solutions for education and teaching. All these offerings have demonstrated how new ideas and technologies are applied in the informatization of education and management to facilitate the talent development in higher education.

▲ Ruijie booth at the Higher Education Expo China

During the expo, leaders of the Ministry of Education highly praised Ruijie for its unparalleled achievements in higher education while visiting the booth. Expert and professional groups of each province also came to the booth to experience Ruijie’s comprehensive solutions which cover all aspects of education and teaching, campus services and network infrastructure.

▲ Leaders of the Ministry of Education visiting Ruijie booth

Creating New Learning Space with Smart Classroom

As colleges and universities increase modernizing their classrooms, more and more classrooms are equipped with smart technologies. Ruijie brought its “Easily-Converged” Smart Classroom solution for higher education to the expo. This solution showed a series of design concepts and technology advantages that can promote innovation in classroom, including new learning space design, all-scenario teaching applications, and streamlined IT environment and so on. With the design concept of the PST framework (Pedagogy - Space - Technology), the solution has enabled deep convergence of learning space, information technology and education and teaching. It also offers a streamlined deployment of IT environment and highly-efficient operations, providing support for teaching practices and classroom modernization with the right mix of IT tools, zero-cost application training and easy-of-use features.

▲ Ruijie Smart Classroom

Cloud Desktop Supports All-scenario Teaching Applications

To solve the challenges of computer room applications, such as complex management, information silos, lack of flexibility, and poor education experience, Ruijie has developed its Cloud Desktop solution portfolios which cover all scenarios of colleges and universities (public computer rooms, faculty computer rooms, professional 3D computer rooms, multimedia classrooms, teaching offices, etc.).

  • The Could Desktop solution is applicable to the public computer rooms of colleges and universities. With its super cluster deployment of 30 cloud hosts, it can meet the resource requirements for unified deployment of public computer rooms. With unified construction and deployment, it helps achieve all the resources that are required, and significantly simplifies the management of the computer rooms. Also, resources can be allocated flexibly to improve their utilization rate, reduce TCO, and promote the management and development of education informatization.
  • The Cloud Desktop Plus is applicable to the computer rooms where core graphics cards are required for hosts, as well as scenarios in which computers can be freely accessed, such as public electronic reading rooms. It streamlines the management of cloud terminals by quickly distributing images through differentiated updates, hierarchical download technologies, etc.
  • The Cloud Desktop 3D Professional has superior image processing capabilities. With the innovation in GPU virtualization technology, it enables each virtual terminal to run large graphic processing software smoothly, including Unity, Premiere, 3Dmax, Photoshop, MAYA, AutoCAD, Autodesk and so on, comprehensively improving the efficiency of all classes.

▲ Ruijie Cloud Desktop

Today, more than 2,600 Chinese colleges and universities adopt Ruijie’s offerings with a total coverage of 98%, including all Double First-Class universities across the country. With its educational solutions such as Simplified Network, Simplified Wireless, Simplified O&M, Simplified Security, Simplified Operators, Ruijie has developed an indispensable partnership with colleges and universities for their journey of informatization.