The core partnership press conference of Ruijie Networks & Microsoft (China) was successfully held on November 18, 2018. Executives who showed up to witness Ruijie officially becoming part of Microsoft’s partner community include: Zheng Min, General Manager of Education Solution Sales at Microsoft (China); Lin Jianjiang, Regional Manager of Education Solution Sales at Microsoft (China); Liu Funeng, General Manager of Ruijie Networks Cloud Desktop Business Unit; Qu Jingyang, Director of Department of Product Planning & Design; Xiao Guangwei, Director of Marketing Department, etc.
▲ The Press Conference
At the ceremony, Microsoft (China) and Ruijie Networks looked forward to the journey ahead as partners and the new thought this partnership would bring to digital transformation in China. The subsequent licensing ceremony marked Ruijie’s official entrance into the family of Microsoft authorized partners. Ruijie and Microsoft will work together to provide more excellent offerings to users in China with the goal of promoting desktop cloudification. 
▲ The Licensing Ceremony
As a leading supplier in the field of cloud desktop in China, Ruijie Networks gained a market share of 45.3% in China’s enterprise-level terminal VDI market (from IDC data). Its two major solution series are Cloud Class+ and Cloud Office, which exert a powerful presence within industries and sectors including education, healthcare, enterprise and government, making it easier to work and more fun to learn.
“The majority of Ruijie Cloud Desktop customers are using Microsoft Windows operating system”, said Liu Funeng, General Manager of Ruijie Networks Cloud Desktop Business Unit. “In this context, the partnership between Ruijie and Microsoft will offer various benefits to our customers. They will be able to use genuine OS at a more favorable price; moreover, the complete delivery of hardware, virtualization software and operating system from Ruijie Cloud Desktop will dramatically reduce the time and difficulty of deployment and implementation. In addition, technical support enabled by Microsoft will assist Ruijie Cloud Desktop to achieve great progress in OS optimization, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience.”
Microsoft sets “Earnest Practice & Deep Cultivation” as its long-term policy for China’s education industry. Up to now, Microsoft has brought a series of professional solutions and a variety of educational projects to the education industry by integrating its own technical strengths, by stepping into education frontiers such as colleges and universities for product development and service implementation, by comprehensive training of future talents focusing on abilities ranging from thinking to practice. With the digitalization and informatization in China’s education industry, Microsoft will continuously introduce brand new offerings, and collaborate with more partners to enhance brand influence, as well as strive to make the power of technology-driven education innovation to go beyond education, enabling more people to achieve educational dream with the help of technology.
▲ Ruijie & Microsoft Discussing on Solution and Collaborative Model
It’s also announced that educational portfolio from Microsoft, such as Modern Classroom, Future Classroom and Office 365, were to be integrated into Ruijie’s solution architecture, bringing more choices to students and teachers with accelerated landing of “Educational Informatization 2.0”. In the future, Ruijie and Microsoft will continue to carry out in-depth and all-around cooperation in technology investment, solution development, marketing, and more.