Recently, China Mobile (China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd.) announced that Ruijie Networks won the bid for its Centralized Procurement Project of WLAN Equipments for the Government and Enterprises (2019), in which Ruijie won 70% of share in both tendering stages. As a leading brand of data communication solutions in China, Ruijie made it once again to win the bid as the top vendor for China Mobile's Centralized Procurement Project for the Government and Enterprises (2019) with its innovative products and technologies as well as high-quality after-sales service. Previously, Ruijie won exclusive tender for China Mobile's Centralized Procurement Project of WLAN Equipments (2018-2019). Products that won the bid include ceiling mount APs for high-density environment (indoor & outdoor), wall plate APs (single-band & dual-band) and various AC controllers with management of up to 256 APs and 1,024 APs. 
Products that are to be centralized purchased are distributed in two tendering stages: AP products (a total of 157,100) and AC products (a total of 2,580) as shown on China Mobile’s procuring & bidding page. Ruijie’s outright win in the bid not only illustrates its excellence in tests of product features, performance, reliability, stability, radio, etc., it also reflects Ruijie’s competence in continuously improving products with scenario-based innovation. All of the above shall lay a sound foundation for Ruijie to lead in China's WLAN market in the future.
China Mobile is known for its high standard in choosing vendors for the centralized procurement projects in terms of vendor’s product quality, technical performance, after-sales service and overall strength. Only vendor with combined prowess in technology, performance, cost, etc. can win the bid. In that context, Ruijie manages to be the supplier for China Mobile’s centralized procurement project of WLAN equipments for five times in a row. This not only reflects high recognition from China Mobile for Ruijie’s service capacity and level of product & technology, but also further illustrates Ruijie's leadership in the industry of enterprise-level wireless network. Last but not least, it demonstrates Ruijie’s overall strength in building #1 brand in China’s wireless market with scenario-based innovation.
In view of ubiquitous wireless access requirements nowadays, Ruijie Networks is devoted to each user's Wi-Fi experience, and has been delivering better experience by enhancing WLAN products on the basis of scenario segmentation in terms of education, healthcare, transportation, banking, manufacturing, etc. This, in return, wins trust of three major carriers (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom), Alibaba, Tencent, Suning and other business tycoons over the years. Ruijie has been doing great in balancing rapid growth and its focus on user experience in the key segment – carrier. Ruijie made it to the list of vendors for China Mobile’s centralized procurement project of WLAN equipments for the first time in 2010, and ranked #1 in post-service assessment at that very time. Such ranking has been maintained from then on. Looking to the future, Ruijie will deepen its cooperation with China Mobile and actively contribute to research on innovative technology in 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other cutting-edge fields, accelerating cooperation both in business and technology.