According to the newly published "Q2 2018 Report on China Enterprise-level Terminal VDI Market" by International Data Corporation (IDC), Ruijie Networks continues to lead in the virtual desktop market with a market share of 45.3%. As of June 25, Ruijie's cloud terminal sales in 2018 have reached 140,000 units, a growth of 84%. For every 100 PCs procured by elementary schools and middle schools in China, 12 of them are Ruijie cloud terminals. In industries like healthcare, government and enterprise, Ruijie also takes the lead in the realm of cloud desktop applications through its VDI + IDV solutions. As of today, accumulated sales of Ruijie's cloud terminal product family have exceeded 1 million units.
▲ Data from IDC Report Q2 2018
Since 2013, with continuous scenario innovation of computer classrooms, Ruijie has transformed itself from innovator to leader in VDI desktop solutions. For 5 consecutive years from 2014 to 2018, classrooms adopting Ruijie’s Cloud Class solution throughout the country have reached 17,000 units, covering all provinces and municipalities. Cloud Class has taken up more than half of the virtualized classroom market.
▲ Product Series of Ruijie Cloud Class+ Solution
Such achievement of Ruijie’s Cloud Desktop is inseparable from its differentiated offerings that address a myriad of scenarios. In the field of virtual desktop, the technological structures of VDI and IDV each have their own strengths. The former features centralized computing, flexible performance distribution, etc. while the latter boasts distributed computing, superior operational performance/compatibility with peripherals, non-reliance on servers/networks and so on. However, between the two, the advantage offered by one is where the other is short on. Thus, neither of the two structures is able to fully cover all industry scenarios.
To address this issue, Ruijie sets out to self-develop virtualization software, forming a strategic partnership with Intel for technological advancement and collaborating with iFlyTek and other application companies to improve the user experience through co-built ecosystem. In addition, changes in user scenarios are incorporated to guide the development and updating of products. These culminate in a product line that covers the two technological structures and addresses all scenarios. The profound combination of technological advancement, the ecosystem and user scenario consideration enables Ruijie to deliver products that have taken the virtual desktop market by storm. Currently, Ruijie boasts two major lines for Cloud Desktop - Cloud Classroom+ and Cloud Office, which bring more fun to schooling and make office work easier.