China Zun (CITIC Tower) is located in Beijing's Central Business District (CBD). The tower stands at 528 meters (making a total of 8 world records), and has a total built-up area of 437,000 sqm as well as an occupant capacity of 12,000 persons. Result of the tender for the network infrastructure project of China Zun was recently released. Ruijie Networks not only was assigned to construct the main network of its core platform and smart building network, but also was the sole winner of the tender for the project's network security devices with its combined prowess in full-network security, scenario segmentation, technological innovation, etc. Construction includes that of the intranet firewall, extranet firewall, database auditing, web protection system, content cache acceleration, link load balancing, secure access platforms, etc. With the help of Ruijie, this tower, the third tallest in the world in terms of total number of floors, is not just a symbol of construction marvel, but more so, it represents the heights of smartness attained in the field of smart building construction in China.
First, Ruijie integrates large-scale security access solutions, data center switch solutions, network supervision compliance solutions, etc. into the basic network of China Zun based on a deep grasp of every scenario characteristic of Level 1 & Level 2 platform networks, security device management networks, and building device management networks. For the basic network level, the RG-N18000 data center switches coordinate with the security access platform, offering access authentication for up to 10,000 terminals at a time while having smart connections to security auditing devices, which answers to the challenge posed by China Zun of conducting the security authentication and audit of 10,000 terminals simultaneously.
In the area of security isolation and segregation of operational scenarios, Ruijie provides database auditing, web protection systems, content cache acceleration, link load balancing, etc. Among the solutions Ruijie provides, the RG-PowerCache content accelerating system is able to sort according to network resource access intensity and automatically obtain extranet resources, providing smart acceleration for PCs, mobile phones, etc. 30% - 50% of the bandwidth resources of network egress is thus saved. The Ruijie WebGuard application protection system can conduct real-time analysis of inspections and filters to precisely ascertain and block any intrusion into the web applications. It automatically cuts off malicious access to the web server, as well as illegal operations, preventing malicious codes and intrusive attacks and maximizing security for the web applications. 
In addition, Ruijie's RG-DBS series database audit systems, with precise, comprehensive auditing and individual positioning as core technologies, conduct precise decision-making on database operations on the network, offering data centers in the later stages of China Zun custom filters that incorporates policies. Precise and detailed audit logs can be produced with 4W precision, namely, who, when, where and what, which gives users a secure network with fully transparent network data.
In terms of technological innovation, the all-new next-generation firewall RG-WALL 1600 used by China Zun not only utilizes advanced CPU + ASIC integrated technologies in hardware and chips, which breaks the performance bottleneck of the X86 architecture that employs application layer data detection, but also possesses network anti-virus, intrusion detection, app detection, file filtering, malicious URL filtering, and many other features, providing multi-dimensional monitoring and analysis at the application level. This helps maintenance staff of China Zun control security risks and provides precise warnings. Meanwhile, the next-generation architecture of the network being built at China Zun includes many revolutionary technologies proprietarily developed by Ruijie, such as SDN, HPoE, etc., offering technological breakthroughs for the device network and dedicated security network.
Ruijie Networks faithfully applies its design approach to come up with solutions that penetrate deep into industries and their application scenarios, the result of which is the creation of a rich variety of network security product lines with leading technologies and powerful features. Today, Ruijie offers a comprehensive range of security solutions, from consultancy to construction, early warning to analysis, and emergency response to data policy support. Ruijie accompanies China Zun in every step as the project heads towards full completion, continuously providing an integrated driving force comprising technological support, product quality, fast delivery, and service systems.