On July 20th, the 28th Qingdao International Beer Festival held its grand opening. As Asia’s largest beer festival, the festivities at Qingdao Beer City lasted for 38 days. The festival boasted an impressive duration, grand scale, high quality, diversity in activities and longer reach, and the welcome it offered visitors this time also boasted a new record this year. During the festival, not only could visitors drink to their hearts’ content and experience beer culture, they could also enjoy access to powerful Wi-Fi with full bars anytime and anywhere, because Ruijie Networks offered its full support with Wi-Fi for All at the Qingdao Beer Festival.
Situated on Qingdao’s Golden Beach, Qingdao Beer City is Asia's largest center for beer and the host site for the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival. More than 2 million visitors gather here every year for this international recreation and entertainment event.
The organizer of the beer festival wished to construct a free Internet network with full coverage in Beer City to give visitors a premium Wi-Fi experience anytime and anywhere. Given the densely populated area, extensive outdoor space and Qingdao’s climate in summer, an environment with high temperatures, dampness, and thunderstorms, a tailored Wi-Fi solution based on the layout of the beer festival and previous experience was required to ensure a smooth online experience and meet requirements for high-density access.
As the creator of the industry benchmark “Wi-Fi for All”, Ruijie Networks promptly stepped up to meet this unique demand, and received high recognition from the organizer for its powerful service capabilities and rich experience in the field of high-density wireless networks. Thanks to its experience in high-density Wi-Fi networks, Ruijie understands the importance of scenario-based service and the need to be devoted to details to create tailored and appropriate solutions.
During the geological exploration and deployment phase, Ruijie’s team carried out minute and precise planning of AP placement through analysis of AP deployment points, allowing them to completely avoid AP channel interference and eliminate any possible signal blind spots.
Ruijie also used advanced “wireless micro-honeycomb” technology, which significantly lowers difficulty in project debugging and shortens construction time.
In the meantime, Ruijie leveraged its unique Wireless Intelligent Service (WIS) to support a series of tasks such as network planning & design, implementation & deployment, intelligent network optimization, experience focus, and routine follow-up inspection & operation. By integrating artificial intelligence with big data technology, Ruijie managed to deliver an observably better Wi-Fi experience for visitors during the festival.
Among the Wi-Fi solutions deployed for this project were the cloud architecture core switch, high-density APs, outdoor APs, Wi-Fi marketing platform and other pillar offerings to support the festival:
  • The core equipment used for the network is the RG-S8600E cloud architecture network core switch, which is equipped with the RG-M8600E-WS-ED wireless controller card, enabling management of up to 2,560 wireless access points, and throughput as high as 48Gbps. Such equipment is built to support systematic use of 802.11n and 802.11ac Wave2 wireless APs, offering a solid business foundation for high-density access.
  • For the high-density APs deployed in Beer City, the RG-AP730(TR) uses three types of radio frequency: access rates up to 1.73Gbps for 5G; access rates up to 400Mbps for 2.4G; and switching to 5G 867Mbps is supported. The complete device can offer access rates up to 2.6Gbps, allowing the use of Tik Tok and other video apps with high Gigabit performance and better, free from limits. 
  • In response to the weather conditions of “wind, thunder, rain, sunshine, heat and dampness”, the outdoor AP RG-AP630 series uses sun-shielding shells with a Protection Class as high as IP68. This design makes it perfect for the outdoor environment, avoiding unfavorable effects from severe weather and environment exposure.
  • For compliance with Internet regulations, Ruijie has configured a cluster authentication system for Beer City, providing several easy-to-use authentication methods, as well as ad push and other marketing methods for vendors. 
During the festival, Ruijie Networks impressed the client with its foundational yet professional offerings and excellent after-sales service. By digging deep into the client’s use context, Ruijie constructed a high-speed, secure and reliable wireless environment, ensuring a premium experience of Wi-Fi for All.