Recently, Ruijie Networks has won a contract for the second bid package of the procurement of 2018-2019 Wo Cloud platform network equipment of Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd. with a 30% share. The corresponding equipment consists of 4-slot spine switch, 10G leaf switch, Gigabit switch, 25G switch and 32*100G aggregation switch. Following the successful bid for the procurement of the data center switches of Unicom Group, Ruijie Networks has once again won the tender for the data center of Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd. and made a major breakthrough in terms of procurement. 
As an international first-class new cloud computing and IDC operator, Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd. mainly provides customers with IT and cloud computing service on demand. The company’s Wo Cloud Platform is one of the domestic mainstream cloud platforms. The platform boasts public cloud, private cloud and software development cloud. The skyrocketing business growth of Wo Cloud platform gives rise to the gradual expansion of its network scale. The equipment covered by this tendering will be mainly used for the development of customers’ projects of Unicom Wo Cloud platform, Langfang data center, Hohhot data center, Xi’an data center and Unicom Group’s resource pools in different Chinese provinces. 
Ruijie Networks has been all along committed to the research and development input and technological accumulation in the field of data center, and its products and services closely align with Unicom’s technical standard. Therefore, Ruijie stood out during the tendering for the procurement. Ruijie’s equipment that won the bid includes the RG-S6510 series, RG-S6520 series, RG-S6220 series and RG-S5750-H series switches, among which the RG-S6510-48VS8CQ and RG-S6520-64CQ switches are the mainstream equipment to build the 25G network for the next-generation data center. Unicom Wo Cloud is proactively leading the next-generation network architecture reform and adopting innovative technologies such as Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and intelligent traffic sharing. The 25G switch is thus incorporated into the procurement for the first time.  Ruijie Networks has been invited to attend Unicom’s 25G trial test, and successfully emerged as Unicom’s first partner in the 25G technology. 
Ruijie RG-S6510-48VS8CQ Switch
Ruijie RG-S6520-64CQ Switch
As a leading ICT solution supplier in China, Ruijie Networks adheres to the principle of scenario-based innovation. The company is a trailblazer of initiating 25G data center architecture product and technology research and development. The product lineup under the 25G data center architecture has been successfully developed, fully compatible with leading technologies such as RDMA, visualization and de-stacking. In 2017, Ruijie’s 25G switch products were successfully applied to multiple data center clusters of Alibaba. With the earlier completion of the scale production commencement and commercialization on a global scale, Ruijie is an absolute leader in the era of the 25G data center.
Ruijie Networks has been involved in the development of Unicom data center resource pool in Fujian, Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia as well as the network of Unicom Wo Cloud Platform and E-commerce platform. Owing to its exceptional product quality, efficient supply mechanism and professional after-sale service, Ruijie has won recognition from Unicom. At present, the company has emerged as the mainstream supplier for Unicom’s digital communication products.