Last week,  Bilişim Grubu kicked off its first official meeting in Istanbul, Turky, gathering more than 200 CIOs and IT managers from 19 cities and 3 countries. For the past few days, Bilişim Grubu has been inviting CIOs and IT managers willing to join the organization to become founding members and build strong alliance for new and cutting-edge technologies. And it aims to reach 1,000 members for the upcoming 2018.
The 1st official meeting of Bilişim Grubu
Ruijie Networks was honored to be invited to this grand event and become one of the sponsors of the meeting. At this event, Ruijie organized a lottery, attracting more than 60 CIOs to actively participate in, winning itself a terrific chance to displaying Ruijie products as well as showing company strength to CIOs and IT managers present. Some even expressed strong interest and willingness to establish cooperative relationship with Ruijie in the future.
Ruijie presented Mi Notebook Air as an award to the winner of the lottery
For the year 2017, Ruijie has been extremely vigorous in the Middle East market and is expected to make more breakthroughs in the year 2018, laying a solid foundation for its global strategic development.