Recently, Ruijie Networks, a leading ICT solution provider in China, has signed a value-added distribution agreement with Vitel A.S in Türkiye, as part of its growing global footprint in the Türkiye market.
Under this agreement, Vitel A.S will help distribute Ruijie’s products in countries like Türkiye, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and conduct marketing campaigns to forge a closer partnership. This cooperation agreement indicates that Ruijie is endeavoring to accelerate the speed to cover a larger market and enhance its influence across the globe by working with the mainstream distributors.
Representatives from Ruijie and Vitel A.S Posed for Photographs
As a leading network distributor founded in 1993, Vitel A.S has served over 5,000 companies over the past two decades both in Türkiye and abroad. It is a value-added distributor which has offices in Türkiye and Europe, representing more than 12 vendors. Vitel A.S provides extensive sales, marketing and technical support to its reseller partners and end user customers.       
Vitel A.S has spoken highly of Ruijie’s vigorous power and bright future in Türkiye as well as the global market and will spare no effort to work with Ruijie to build a better brand with its global supply chain systems and high-quality delivery networks. As for Ruijie, it is also willing to step up supports for Vitel A.S in training, marketing and various kinds of service aiming at a strong and sustainable partnership to finally benefit the end users. 
For the upcoming 2018, Ruijie is determined to further expand its global market, laying significant emphasis on joining hands with mainstream partners to boost the radiation of the brand worldwide.