At the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting held in Vietnam's central city of Da Nang, heads of state and CEOs of world-famous enterprises gathered again to discuss world affairs. As the hotel hosting delegations from China, Hong Kong SAR and Chile, Crowne Plaza Danang offered a pleasant environment and reliable security protection, as well as high-quality wireless service. Ruijie acted as the force behind this excellent wireless experience. From 2014 to 2017, Ruijie provided excellent and reliable network service for APEC meetings held in Huairou District, Beijing and Da Nang, Vietnam.
Providing "Scenario Segmentation" to Meet the Comprehensive Requirements of the Meeting
Crowne Plaza Danang is a high-end hotel owned by the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), with an area of 200,000 square meters, combining a western classical architectural style with Asian characteristics. Considering the hotel’s huge scale and complicated layout, Ruijie dispatched an experienced wireless service team to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi experience for all the delegations.
Crowne Plaza Danang, Vietnam
Ruijie’s technical team adopted a method known as "scenario segmentation" to implement customized network upgrades in guest room, hall, conference room and office scenarios, successfully ensuring excellent Wi-Fi experience in the hotel. 
  • Full Signal Even in High-density Scenarios
In high-density scenarios such as the meeting areas, lobby and media interview areas, Ruijie deployed the flagship AP RG-AP740-I, substantially improving the signal coverage. At the same time, considering the scale of the meeting and the remote video transmission requirements of the media area, Ruijie also adopted dynamic coverage technology for the dead zones to guarantee the best access experience for all users in high-density scenarios.
Lobby of Crowne Plaza Danang, Vietnam
It is worth mentioning that, since the product series also supports iBeacon, precision marketing, meeting sign-in and location tracking, it is able to provide the hotel with a basis for further development of online sales, positioning to ensure guest security, and personalized marketing services.
  • “Invisible” APs that Blend in with the Hotel’s Style
Ruijie deployed special plug-and-play Wall APs in the office area and contract-signing conference rooms. The “invisible” APs were embedded in the wall, thus seamlessly integrating into the hotel’s original luxurious interior design and blending in with the hotel’s style. 
Ruijie APs deployed in the Conference Room 
Furthermore, Ruijie used HPoE switch to combine power supply and data cables into one, thus solving a series of problems associated with separate power supply cables, such as high installation costs, lengthy construction period, unstable power supply, difficult operation, maintenance and management, as well as additional safety concerns.
  • One-key Network Optimization that Makes Wi-Fi Smarter
Ruijie’s wireless service team adopted the Wireless Intelligent System (WIS), using its integrated functions such as intelligent acquisition, analytical engine, precise diagnosis, intelligent optimization, etc. to analyze a large quantity of data from each wireless terminal in the hotel, completely solving problems in Wi-Fi applications such as AP co-channel interference, Wi-Fi disconnection and repeated authentication, and ultimately fully meeting the network demands of the hotel.
On-Site Network Speed Measurement
Screenshot of Ruijie Wireless Intelligent System (WIS)
From “Skynet” to Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience, Ruijie Has Exhibited Excellence in Serving a Series of High-end Conferences at Home and Abroad
This marked Ruijie's second time providing service for the APEC meeting. As early as 2014, Ruijie had become the sole network solutions provider for the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. Moreover, Ruijie is also the exclusive supplier of network devices for the high-definition video surveillance system of Huairou District in Beijing, helping the police to erect a "Skynet" to safeguard public security.
The hotel wireless network reconstruction project for this APEC meeting gave Ruijie a chance to show what our innovative WLAN technology can do, and allowed Ruijie to present another perfect performance at this important international conference. The Administrative Director of IHG commented,  "Ruijie has provided wonderful Wi-Fi experience as well as a professional and fast-responding team, which has highly impressed us!"
Ruijie’s Wireless Service Team at APEC 2017
In recent years, Ruijie has become the preferred network service provider of more and more important international meetings and major sports events. The list includes sports events like the Beijing Olympics, Guangzhou Asian Games, and large-scale meetings such as the Tencent Global Partner Conference, Cloud Computing Conference in Yunqi, and BRICS summit.
With the rapid acceleration of Ruijie's globalization, the APEC Meeting in Vietnam has marked its expansion into the Southeast Asia market. By deeply understanding users’ needs and through innovative scenario-oriented solutions, Ruijie has successfully served numerous domestic and overseas customers across a variety of fields including education, hospitality, transportation, carriers and manufacturing, thus laying a solid foundation for further advancement into a wider market.