China Public Security Expo (hereinafter referred to as CPSE) is the world’s largest security exhibition, widely recognized as the weather vane of the industry. CPSE 2017, a 4-day event being held from October 29th to November 1st at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China, has attracted over 1,100 exhibitors from 53 countries and regions worldwide to share together cutting-edge technologies and significant achievements in the public security field. Ruijie Networks made a stunning appearance at the exhibition, impressing the world with its comprehensive strength as a leading ICT solution supplier in China.
 CPSE 2017 - The 16th China Public Security Expo
Deeply rooted in the public security industry, Ruijie made an overall display of its tailor-made solution for the security and surveillance scenarios involving front-end access, network security, data center as well as operation and maintenance management.
At CPSE 2017, Ruijie’s booth attracted a great number of visitors
Diverse and Flexible Front-end Access
Against the big data background, the ever-increasing surveillance scenarios have posed an intimidating challenge to the comprehensive and extensive video access. Ruijie, with its access solutions including 4G routers, industrial switches, wireless bridging and high-power PoE power supply, successfully achieves the flawless full-coverage surveillance.
Secure and Stable Network Transmission
As the major network of the whole video surveillance system, the video surveillance network has the characteristics of high network security level, large network size, multiple network branches, decentralized locations of IP cameras, human supervision difficulty and so on. Ruijie security products and solutions pull off comprehensive security protection features in multiply layers to meet the varying security requirements, empowered by its non-stop technological enhancement and continuous self-innovation.
Agile and Robust Data Center
In the era of big data and AI, information technology should always keep up with the fast developing business. Ruijie supplies full-line new products and core technologies including ultra-integrated equipment with larger capacity, massive cloud storage, data center switches, etc. to provide customers an open, precise and flexible solution.
Comprehensive and Visualized Operation and Maintenance Management
Ruijie’s comprehensive IT operation and maintenance management solution aims at establishing an IT management platform based on business visualization targeting IT managers, boosting the overall IT management standard, achieving automatization, standardization and normalization as well as ensuring the prosperous and stable development of IT business. 
At CPSE 2017, Ruijie once again carried out the concept of being rooted in industry and centering on scenarios, and was widely acknowledged by customers by virtue of its innovative scenario-oriented products and solutions.